Let’s all speculate a bit

Last night was a pretty rare celestial occurrence. I watched the eclipse from my Idaho driveway last night, and thought it was wonderful. I’ll spare you my pitiful iPhone photo, because others have posted some wonderful images online.

Events like that get my creative juices flowing. This was not only a full moon, it was a super-moon. Add into that the designation blood moon, and that is enough for most people to be pretty rare. This was also a total eclipse. There are frequent eclipses, but they are partial eclipses.

I’m more likely to avoid such an occurrence in my fiction. It’s just so rare as to be unbelievable. It’s also likely to be glommed onto by half the speculative authors out there. It has that special snowflake thing going for it in my mind.

Still, it’s a hot topic right now. So here’s how I might speculate about it. I always start off asking questions, the most prevalent one being “what if.” Note that many times the first few aren’t all that great.

What if it disappears and never comes back?

The moon influences the tides. What if all the special circumstances gave it an influence on other liquids, like magma?

It was called a blood moon. What if the tidal influences were felt upon our very blood. What would happen?

Geologists tell us the Earth has reversed polarity multiple times. Could this gravitational pull cause that to happen? What would happen if it did?

Perfect night for werewolves. Could the eclipse screw them all up? Maybe they line up and dance the Time Warp.

There certainly has to be an arcane ritual that takes advantage of the situation.

What if the shadow on the moon looked more angular and geometric than Earth’s shadow? The cloaking device worked perfectly for the invasion fleet, but the shadow gave them away.

Some ancients believed a monster swallowed the moon during an eclipse. What if it were true?

What if it were a solar eclipse? With the sun behind the moon, it revealed an image like candling a giant space egg. What if during the lunar eclipse, astronauts saw something similar inside Earth?

Maybe the fact that everything lined up caused what we used to call a radio skip. A spy agency gets wind of some pending terrorist action. Maybe alien messages are intercepted.

What if they predicted the eclipse and it didn’t happen? Something changed celestially. What is it?

To be honest, this doesn’t trip my trigger as a speculative element. I’m much more interested in the idea of flowing water on Mars. I enjoyed it immensely, but that’s the limit of where I’m going with it.

I think this particular eclipse is going to find its way into a lot of fiction. My only suggestion is not to take the easy way out with it. It screams druids, witches, lycanthropes, and demons. Maybe that isn’t the best way to incorporate it into a story. There will be a lot of competition in this arena too.

What do you folks think? Is this the speculative element of your dreams, or are you inclined to pass it over?


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46 responses to “Let’s all speculate a bit

  1. The giant space egg is my favorite, although I’m also imagining a werewolf turning into a puny human in the middle of an attack.

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  2. I loved imagining what people thought when they saw it hundreds of years ago… Before mass media told everyone what was happening and why. What would I have thought was going on? How would I have responded?

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  3. I love the moon and am totally fascinated with any sort of speculations that might be attached to it’s actions. I completely missed the Blood Moon, although it wasn’t for lack of wanting to see it. I just don’t think it was visible where I was. However, I did see a few werewolves ( and I mean it)!! Let’s just say I was out with my kids and the last thing I did before going home was say ‘ get in the car, get in the car, get in the car” without trying to sound hysterical.

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  4. I love all your what-ifs, stories abound. What if there were two moons, or, er, did someone already think of that as in Star Wars? ;D

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  5. I don’t think I’d use the eclipse moon last night in fiction. I agree, it will most likely be overdone and quickly. But the nonfiction stuff that happened was pretty interesting, I’d write about that. 🙂

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  6. ahhh…I was on the phone to HH about 6-ish, and this MASSIVE white moon caught my eye… I said something profound like, “Wow! The moon is HUUUUUGE!” not realizing the significance of anything more profound than the fact dinner would be done in 15. And then this morning, I heard and saw all the hype. Man, I suck at keeing up with all this stuff…

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  7. Eclipses and blood moons are rather popular. I like the idea of a werewolf story that involves the moon either disappearing or being hidden. Like maybe a world that has permanent cloud cover at night, but there are patches of moonlight that a werewolf can stand in to change. Vampires and the blood moon controlling blood would be a fun one too.

    Out of the list, my favorite would be an eclipse that didn’t happen. You could go in a lot of directions to investigate that.

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  8. orangepondconnects

    I also took a very pitiful photo of it with my phone lol I took my kids out to a field not far from us to watch the show. I think I was expecting it to look more red, to be honest lol Oh, and I love your new background wallpaper!

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  9. Ali Isaac

    Snort and guffaw! Lycanthropes doing the Time Warp! Lol!
    Personally, I think its all in the blood. The dark of the moon is said to coincide with womens menstrual cycles, 13 lunar months in a year, 13 cycles in a year. Some of our babies have been acting up the last few days, its the pull of the moon on the fluid in their tender brains, didnt you know. Even the animals, which are closer to the ebb and flow of nature, have been skittish. My dog has barked a LOT the last 2 days.

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  10. I was out on the porch looking at the blood moon and couldn’t help but notice the hair on my hand getting darker, longer, thicker. It was then I could feel my shirt stretching to the point of ripping. The neighbor’s dog let out a howl that to mortals would be cause for alarm but to me marked the beginning of fear that each should hold true. Man, this trash container pisses me off when it catches on the gate post.

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  11. I like the werewolf commentary. My guess is they change back and forth, growing increasingly agitated by all the vampire heckling during the process. 🙂

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  12. I never thought about it never reappearing, what a great thought. As for the water on Mars, I’m fascinated by that!

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  13. Oh, I would do something with that moon if I weren’t up to my ears in other projects. I love sci-fi stories that use the moon to bring about some natural calamity on earth. Put that with werewolves running amuck and it could be fun.

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  14. A year or so ago I used the blood moon in a story. Actually, it’s the sequel to Wings of Mayhem. Now, though, I may have to change because everyone and their mother will be using it. Timing really is everything.

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