Catching up?

I spent most of my day playing catch up. All the camping, and my paycheck job keep me from doing some things.

I started off working through my critiques. The guys had some good suggestions this month, and I needed to get those changes made. I woke up at 6:30 this morning and had enough time before my morning appointment.

The appointment was with my daughter for a haircut. The paycheck job is sending me to Sun Valley for a week. I have to make two presentations while I’m there, and the haircut is necessary.

I spent the rest of the day getting guest posts moving for October and November. I had a couple roughed out, but managed to get them all sent away this afternoon. I still have to build one from a friend that I’m hosting over here.

All in all, I feel pretty productive. It’s our grandson’s birthday next week, and grandma promised him a “big boy” bicycle. We took him to Toys “R” Us and picked one out. I’ll still be in Sun Valley the day of the party, but at least I got to do this.

We stopped by one of our favorite little places for prime rib and bread pudding. I managed two Leinenkugel Pumpkin Shandys while there. Shandys are always light and simple, and this was no exception. I’ve never had a beer from this brewery that I didn’t like, and pumpkin is a bonus.

That was my day. I feel productive, it’s time to update the blog, but I didn’t make any progress in my reading. I have three books from friends that I need to read, and better get on with it.

Have a nice evening everyone.


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21 responses to “Catching up?

  1. I love Leinie’s, too! I dunno that I could get down with punkin, but I’d try it. Bread pudding. Man, I can’t wait til it’s cold and I’ve got bread pudding with bourbon caramel and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Gah, that sounds so good right now!
    I haven’t had a haircut in five years. I am considering a professional trim in the near future.
    I was up at 6:45. I slept late and woke the people late and drove them in. It was lovely. I had coffee to the sound of Sassy’s cello and by the time we left, it was light out.
    Enjoy catching up πŸ™‚

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  2. Last time your blog post made me want a pumpkin beer. Now you’ve got me wanting bread pudding. Warm bread pudding with vanilla ice cream on top. Yum.

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  3. Never got into the pumpkin beers. Tired a few and they weren’t that impressive. Though now I really want a pumpkin pie.

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  4. That beer sounds interesting!


  5. Prime rib and bread pudding … yummmm. I wish I could have your day every day, lol.

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  6. Sounds like a productive day to me. Bob wants to get Berlyn a bicycle. But she’s only turning two years old! I think that’s a bit young. A big wheel? Oh, yeah!

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