Calling Indie Horror/Thriller Authors! #indieauthors #bookpromo #BadMoonOnTheRise #horror

Here is a great opportunity for you authors out there. I’m participating, and you might want to look into it too. Teri is trying to turn this into an annual event, and needs a few more volunteers.

Books and Such

bad moon on the rise

For the month of October, I’m planning a new series for Books & Such – one I hope to continue yearly.  I’m calling it Bad Moon On The Rise – 31 Days of Thrills and Chills,  featuring one author per day, so if you’re an indie author of horror/thriller books, send me your info!  This is your chance for free publicity, to talk up your book, learn about other authors of the same genre, and hopefully sell some books.  Each post will contain any information you’d like to include, such as a book synopsis, author bio, contact links, buy links and a short interview.

I still have some openings, so email me at with your name and title of your book and I’ll send you an info sheet.

I’d appreciate any help in spreading the word about this – thanks in advance!

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4 responses to “Calling Indie Horror/Thriller Authors! #indieauthors #bookpromo #BadMoonOnTheRise #horror

  1. What do you submit, a post or a short story?

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  2. Thanks for the reblog!

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