There’s an evening I’ll never get back

I spent 15 minutes upgrading to iOS 9 on my iPad tonight. Then I spent 2.5 hours updating my word processor.

I write everything on my iPad, and use Apple Pages. It probably would have been easier to delete the app and download it from scratch. I'm just afraid of losing all my files. Everything is on the cloud, and the big stuff is also on a thumb drive. Some things, like my Macabre Macaroni stories haven't been added to the thumb drive.

What a bunch of crap! This stuff shouldn't take that long.


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23 responses to “There’s an evening I’ll never get back

  1. Gah! I am still on iOS 7….

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  2. Been there so many times. Usually gets me in the morning.

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  3. Ali Isaac

    Im not a fan of Apple personally. Theres no flexibility with it. In terms of hardware, their phones seem to break really easy. I am happy with Samsung and Android so I will stick with it. I havent been brave enough to update to Windows 10. I know it gets rid of some of the current annoying features but dont want to have to learn to get used to a new bunch of annoying features lol! 😀

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  4. in567

    Oh boy, at least you know how to do all of that. Sounds like Greek to me. -.o

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  5. I’m waiting a bit to download iOS9. I heard the servers have been hammered and a lot of people are getting error messages and hitting glitches. I need to update my iPad mini and my iPhone. Hopefully, it will go faster by the time I get around to doing it!

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  6. I waited a long time for my laptop to update the other night, and finally, when after The Mister and I had begun to yawn more than talk, and the thing was only on 15 of a thousand or somethin, I left it and went to bed. Cripes. I only update my phone the same way: set the alarm and go to sleep!


  7. There’s nothing more frustrating. I feel your pain.

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