Running on Empty

I’m a bachelor again this weekend. Old What’s Her Face*had to take her new car to show family in Nevada.

Did I do anything super fun? No. I spent time paying bills, blogging and preparing for the next round of blogging. I have stuff planned through the month of October.

I’m wearing a bit thin, to tell the truth. Those Lisa posts didn’t write themselves. The whole thing sews up Monday with a big party, so let’s talk about that.

Monday is my day for the Rave Reviews Book Club Back to School Book & Blog Block Party. This should mean higher than normal blog traffic and some cool new people to meet.

Every stop along this pub crawl has prizes, and all you have to do to win is leave a comment. There are also grand prizes, so it pays to follow along. Everyone is welcome to participate and is eligible to win. This isn’t exclusive to club members. I’ve already won a free book, and I think the prize I’m giving is pretty awesome.

Check out the grand prizes, and the tour lineup at this link. Lisa and I are cleaning up the writing cabin, and hope you can all join us. (That means, I’m blogging and she’s cleaning.)

Don’t forget The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack is available for pre-order right now. It’s only 99¢ and there ought to be a story inside for every taste. Take a 99¢ gamble. Amazon delivers the books on Tuesday. The cool kids will all be saying, “I got mine on pre-order.”

I think I’ll stay up late and watch BSU vs BYU football tonight. There just happens to be a pumpkin beer in the refrigerator.

While I wait for kickoff, maybe I’ll start writing an October post I was invited to send.

*Not my lovely wife’s real name


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13 responses to “Running on Empty

  1. Awesome. I’ll try my best to up with the tour. Enjoy your bachelor weekend.

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  2. Ali Isaac

    You are going to be exhausted by the time this blog tour is done!

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  3. Oooh, party, party, party! I’ll be popping in tomorrow and will keep an eye on the tour list. Sometimes it’s hard to get around to all the stops, but blog parties are fun. Enjoy your weekend.

    I just finished more Mothman stuff and am going to call it a day early. Sucky weather and fighting a cold. Time to curl up with a good book–I’ll be looking forward to yours!

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  4. I have one week left before my IPA home brew is ready. The bottles go into the fridge on Friday and tasting time is Saturday.

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