Cover Reveal | The Experimental Notebook of C.S. Boyack

This post includes a wonderful review of my book. Please visit Ali and check it out.


Craigs cover

This is the cover for Craig Boyack’s new book… isn’t it fab? It just screams “Pick me up and read me!”. I love it. It has an air of mysticism and magic about it, as if Dumbledore and Gandalf may once have opened its ancient covers and learned their magic from its precious dusty parchment.

And magic it is, too. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an advance copy, and couldn’t put it down. Mind you, I have been a fan of Craig’s since I read Panama, and each book he has produced since then has got progressively better and better. I particularly enjoyed his last book, Will o’ the Wisp (you can read my review here).

But this one is just a little bit different to all that has gone before, because it contains a collection of his best short stories. How can…

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8 responses to “Cover Reveal | The Experimental Notebook of C.S. Boyack

  1. It’s a truly awesome cover!!

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  2. I agree… well done Rachel! You are indeed multi skilled and multi talented!

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  3. Minga. How many posts did I miss? I just re-followed. Let’s hope it sticks this time.

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    • There has been a bunch of re blogging going on here. I’m trying to share the ones with reviews, or where I wrote part of it. It’s a fine line between irritating my cover reveal helpers, and irritating my followers with overload. Most of the Lisa posts are next week, so those will be different.

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