It’s a new book baby

My book of short stories is available for pre-order today. At 99¢ it really isn’t much of a gamble. You get around a dozen short stories and micro-fiction pieces for one low price. The books will deliver on September 15th.

Here’s how it went down out at the writing cabin. I think I managed to touch upon every story in the book, but you’ll have to read it to see how…

Lisa Burton banked her Grumman biplane left over the meadow surrounding the writing cabin. She’d need to come around and land into the wind.

Tendrils of fog crept out of the window in Craig’s office, and mingled with the fog on the ground. The tail section of an airliner lodged in the end of a fresh trench. It looked like it barely missed the cabin.

She dialed Craig’s number, but there was no answer. She checked the plane’s machine guns for ammo, just in case, and began her approach.

Lisa hit the throttle, lowered her landing gear, and brought her plane around. Someone left a fifty gallon drum at the end of the runway. She calculated the distances and wind velocity using her internal processors. The plane could overshoot the barrel and still land without crashing.

Safely on the ground, she wheeled the plane around, killed the engine, and ran for the front door. She tugged the front of her Daisy May blouse up before going inside.

A huge axe and spear lay across the carpets she just cleaned. Next time he sends me to pose for Sean Harrington, I’m making him come with me. This place is a mess.

The kitchen sink held an ancient rum bottle with no cork. A wonderful soup smell came from the paranormal office. An old human skull with the number IX sat upon her clean counter. She checked the place using infrared vision, but the only heat signature other than the soup kettle was Bunny in the upstairs bedroom. “Hello! Is anyone here?”

She picked up skull number nine, and whispered. “What have you two been up to?”

The paranormal office was a mess. She extinguished a Bunsen burner, put away the jars of herbs and reagents, and swiveled the pot of soup away from the coals in the fireplace. A large cast iron ladle hung over the lip of the kettle. “Curious.”

A bloody lab coat lay on the floor outside the laundry room. She pulled her pistol and moved toward the main writing office. “Have you been writing short stories again?”

She followed her pistol around the corner into the main office. A huge snail crawled across Craig’s desk. She aimed at it. Trigonometry using the angles between her eye units told her the snail was nearly a foot long.

Doubt, the raven, flew over to the desk and landed between her and the snail.

She lowered her gun and walked to the desk. A thick slime trail spread out behind the snail. The snail headed for the computer and she reached out to move the keyboard.

Doubt pecked at her hand.


The snail used its eyestalks to peck away at the computer. H-e-l-p m-e.

“Oh gross. You not only slime, but you type. Craig is going to be upset.”

I a-m C-r-a-i-g

“Oh my God! What have you done now? We’re going to need a case of slime away for your desk.” She ran for the door and turned back. “Don’t run off. I’ll try to find some help. Maybe Jinx or Patty Hall are still in your Rolodex.” She put a hand on her hip. “I don’t suppose you can — Never-mind.”



Rachel Carrera made this beautiful cover for me. The purchase link is

This was a fun project, and I am really excited to share it with all of you.

It looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me to modify my sidebar, approach review sites, modify my about me page, etc. etc.

Thanks to my advance readers for pointing out my errors ahead of time. Thanks also to those who offered to post the cover in the next few days, or host something about this book. You guys are awesome.



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42 responses to “It’s a new book baby

  1. Awesome, Craig. Please accept my standing ovations for this one! 😀

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  2. So are you, Craig! Great post! Lmao! 😊

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  3. Congrats. Can’t wait to read it.

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  4. Love that cover Craig! Good luck with the launch 🙂

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  5. As always, Lisa stories are so much fun. Love the new pic and hope she figures out how to un-snail you soon. I pre-ordered my copy and am looking forward to discovering all of the strangeness within!


  6. Oh yay! Got my copy pre-ordered. This was unexpected. I didn’t realize how close you were to having this book ready. I’m spacey like that…speaking of which, love the new wallpaper. It’s totally different. I’m not used to seeing such a futuristic theme on your blog, but it works. Are you staring at Lisa’s boobs?

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    • Thank you for the reblog, but mostly for having faith enough to preorder. I’ve never tried that option before, and can’t wait to see how it plays out. It might be a glance boobward. I am a guy. Everything just fell together perfectly. I had one small glitch that was easily fixed, so I went ahead and uploaded it.

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  7. Reblogged this on S.K. Nicholls and commented:
    This should be a fun one. Stories you can read in one sit, and come back to read another later. From C.S. Boyack

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  9. Absolutely l.o.v.e. the cover. Sounds like a fascinating read anywhere, anytime. 😀

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  10. Congratulations, that is brilliant!

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  11. Brilliant as always, Craig. Love the cover! Lisa stories are always so much fun. I can hardly wait for her to be on my site.

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  12. Kev

    Love the book cover! 🙂

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  13. I don’t do kindle. Best wishes for your success. Thanks visit my blog.

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    • I like your cartoons. There is a kindle app for everything today. I have a link at the top of my sidebar…if you’re so inclined. I do all my reading with the iPad app these days.


      • My computer skills are primitive and limited and my tech guy cautions relentlessly about downloading anything that is not critical to what I need as so much comes with invasive attachments. I have an “old peoples’ with big buttons” cell phone that I think I’ve used a dozen times. I’ll check out the link thing. I do need to investigate Kindle but know I would not publish my stuff for so tiny a price. I am not sure Kindle is ready for images like my cartoons yet, we tried a while back but they looked crummy. I still have embossed stationary, stamps and envelopes and fountain pens. I still have one foot in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

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      • You’re a kindred spirit for sure. I also have fountain pens, cook over camp fires, wear cowboy hats. There is a specific purpose to my low price this time around. Do you fish? Then you might know what I’m up to.


  14. I usta fish all the time salt water bay and in the surf in Jan, Feb , March as blue fish, mackerel, jack, snook, king fish and dolphin run. Used 4 inch rapala, or spoon, live shrimp or live pin fish and pilchers and sometimes dead finger mullet but only 3 public beaches left on Miami Dade coast now and can’t fish there any more. Grouper and snapper 100 + feet deep. Used a purple specked worm fresh water or bread balls. Now I have moved to Greensboro, NC and don’t see much here for fishing. The half day boats in south Florida will hold 25- 40 but then you get sacked with 900 Cub Scouts or 2 guys with a pipe and 4 with cigars and that and diesel fuel exhaust keeps ya sick the whole time. Monroe County south Florida bays, canals and restricted parts of Everglades available but mosquitoes eat the flesh right off ya. Still opportunity in Key West but too crowded and charter boats expensive. Settle for tuna sammiches now and then. You may care to google my blog/name for the tale of The Silver King.

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  15. Hi, it’s me again 🙂 I love your book cover art, they are amazing! Very cool!

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