Today was rough. My wife was in a panic because she couldn't retrieve her email off the Cableone account. She connected with some service kid in Bangalore. Then she yelled at him, because he couldn't understand her. She was to the point of stomping her hoof, once for yes and two for no, before handing the phone to me. I had the poor tech in one ear and my angry wife in the other for well over two hours. (And I wonder how I wound up with high blood pressure.)

I wound up allowing him to access our computer to fix the problem, which still took over an hour. I need to go back in and lock out access after I post this.

Then my work contacted me, because apparently no one can cover for me if I take a vacation. If I never take a vacation I get in trouble for that. I'm almost better off to go home and never plan anything, just so I can be available on-call to approve things.

We spent the afternoon loading the camper and hooking up the truck. I have several items locked in my backseat. I'll transfer those to the truck bed before we drive away. I just didn't want someone stealing them overnight.

Right now, I'm about ready to scream, and may still. The only saving grace was my father. He grew this in his vegetable garden and is very proud of it.

To tell you the truth, I don't know if it's one of their fancy odd colored carrots, or if it's a parsnip. It kind of made my day in the same way it made Dad's. It's probably a good thing I didn't see this before writing Will O' the Wisp. Those who read the book will know what I'm referring to.

It's even more entertaining after two pints of Smithwick's. I rarely post on Tuesdays, but tomorrow is mostly about traveling. I can probably answer comments after I get camp made. Have a great time and I'll check in later.


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28 responses to “Stresssss!

  1. Sounds like one of those ‘when it rains, it pours’ days. Hate those. All one can do is push through and snag whatever joy you can. Curious vegetables is a new one.

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  2. Mmmm! I hate getting caught in the vortex of the outsourced call centers. Sounds like you had a day very much like mine yesterday. The only thing I can tell you is today was SO much better. Maybe it will be the same for you!!!! Those vegetables looked like little stuffed doll pantaloons. Very odd!!!

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  3. I know exactly what you mean about techs in Bangalore and Mumbai they are a nightmare to understand, they must think the whole of the UK and possibly the USA are either deaf or stupid as all we say is What, pardon or ay!!!
    Your Dad’s veg are a joy and we get just as excited when we get our crops :).
    Happy camping, turn your mobile off work will cope… No one is indispensable! xxx

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  4. Ali Isaac

    That is a cool vegetable! Hope it tastes good! Sorry you had a rough time, but I’m sure youll appreciate the break all the more now. 😊

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  5. Haha on the well-endowed veggie!
    I hate call centers. Ugh. I always end up finishing on the calls, too. The Mister can’t be polite that long.
    I do think you deserve a proper vacation. It’s not a vacation if you’re takin calls!

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  6. I can sooooo relate to your tech woes. I had 2 hours on the phone with Apple iCare last week, 3 days of calls with my phone carrier and two days of calls with the Geek Squad regarding a new TV. I was ready to toss everything tech out the window. Fortunately all is settled now, my husband and I each have new iPhones and we’ve got a new Ultra HD TV. I could have used a vacation, LOL.

    Enjoy yours and de-stress. Work and all things tech will still be there when you return.

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  7. I’ve learned to demand to speak to an American or English speaker. Sometimes I have to ask for the supervisor or get rude if I seriously can’t understand them and they don’t seem to be understanding me. They’re supposed to connect you to someone else. I love weird veggies. I like to get my produce at the local farmer’s market where anything goes. The uniform shaped veggies in the supermarket really freak me out. It’s the farm girl in me. They look so…manufactured.

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  8. Sounds all very stressful! Love the veggies πŸ™‚ I had a funny experience in a supermarket once where a man was looking at veg next to his wife, she moved away and I took her place without him noticing, and next thing shoved a phallic shaped vegetable towards me, laughing and saying “What do you think of that!” His face was a picture when he realised I wasn’t his wife! Have a great trip.

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  9. That carrot/parsnip is really funny. It definitely looks like the bottom half of someone astride some other creature. πŸ™‚

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  10. That rooter is so adorable and funny at the same time. I bet you could sell it for a huge sum as an enhancement supplement.

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  11. Bwaaahaaahaaa! I don’t know if it’s more creepy or hilarious! Thanks for sharing! πŸ˜€

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  12. Stress must be in the air. I’ve had my fair share lately too. I will say, it sounds like you handled it like a pro.

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