Why I like to plan ahead

I lost some time this weekend to company. We had fun and it was well worth having them up. These things keep happening, and so I've learned to plan ahead. Here is another example.

My task list for this fall is pretty long. I'm starting in August just to get ahead of the curve. I knew today and tomorrow were available. My wife came home this afternoon and announced she took tomorrow off to get ready. That's how it goes. I have today only.

I spent hours today trying to figure out how to make an interactive table of contents for my book of shorties. I made a table, but I don't like it. It does not appear in the text of the book. I can open an ePub format under iBooks, and it appears when you click the tab. It works flawlessly there.

The problem is I want to give it a clever title, like Roster of Experiments. That does not appear under the tab. I'm left with that title in the book and absolutely nothing visible underneath. Kill me now. It looks terrible like that.

Now I have no idea how much damage I did to the manuscript. Of course I didn't work off of a copy, because my genius apparently does have boundaries. I think my next great stunt is to put it through the Amazon grinder and see how the preview looks.

After tugging out shards of my beard, I tried a different project. I sent off everything for my October blog tour. This was out of an internal need to scratch something off my list. Add this to making a commitment to my next novel, and it qualifies as forward motion.

I also wrote another Macabre Macaroni story. It needs a bit of polish, but it exists. That gives me three stories, and I need a minimum of four. Maybe I'll see something creepy and oozing at the coast that will inspire me.

We're probably going to wind up driving most of Wednesday. This means I'll probably skip my post that day. I won't leave you guys hanging, and will post at least something while we're on vacation.

Tomorrow is all about loading up, hooking up, and charging up. We leave early in the morning on Wednesday. Have a good week everyone.



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12 responses to “Why I like to plan ahead

  1. Enjoy your week too. Wish I could help with the table of contents. I go basic since I barely know how to do it. Good luck finding something creepy and/or oozing. Fingers crossed that you don’t find it foot first. 😉

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  2. I did a table of contents for Eclipse Lake, but not sure if what I did is what you’re looking for. Each chapter in the TOC links to the chapter in the book. Is that what you want to do with your story titles? I’m sure I have something saved somewhere on how I did it, if that’s what you’re looking for. If so, let me know and I’ll scrounge around and email instructions.

    I really need to cross some things off my list. I’ve got some stuff I want to do to my blog that’s been nagging at me, and I’ve got to get an email newsletter out for the fall. I need something with multiple heads to kill the to-do list (hey, that could be a Macabre Macaroni story, LOL).

    Enjoy your vacay!

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  3. Have an awesome vacation! There’s nothing like driving cross-country. Did you say where you were going? I must be brain-dead this morning.

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  4. Go forth and have fun!


  5. Have a fun and safe trip! I hope you’ll bring back some more of those fun and interactive posts where you give a bit of info and ask us to finish the story. 🙂

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