Friday Fantastic Flash with CS Boyack

It’s 10:30 PM in Idaho, and I just walked in the house from my work trip. I was in Moscow, Idaho and that’s a long way from Boise. We made a pit stop in McCall, a bit over halfway home and I discovered this post. There was no way I was going to bed without sharing it.

One of my best blogging friends, Ali, started a Friday theme she calls Friday Fantastic Flash. She posted a bit of micro fiction and invited us all to participate. I’m a sucker for anyone trying something new and sent her this piece. I hope you enjoy it, and will pick up the baton and run with it yourselves. Consider following Ali while you’re there. She has one of the most interesting blogs I know of.


Author and blogging friend Craig Boyack responded brilliantly to my recent call for participation in my new feature Friday Fantastic Flash, so without further ado, here is his masterpiece.

“Captain Stevens, the pressure on the hull is building again! I don’t know how much longer before it crushes,” Ensign Lola said.

I buckled myself in my chair. “Everyone buckle up. Boost the shields to the pressure points. The last time the pressures were followed by that awful shaking.”

“Pressures seem to be coming from the top and bottom of the ship. Like being in a big vice. I can divert some power from the sides, but it’s just a guess.”

“Do it!”

“Pressure is easing up, but we’re in motion again.”

“Hang on everyone.”

The ship moved violently from side to side. The sudden change in direction reminded me of a whip cracking. Half the crew would be in…

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8 responses to “Friday Fantastic Flash with CS Boyack

  1. With all that rocking & rolling, this motion sickness person is in sickbay. 😉

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  2. That was awesome. Never expected the ending. 🙂

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  3. Ha! Just seen this post, cos it went into my spam folder! I think that problem may be sorted now. This is a great Flash piece, Craig, and I know it has wetted a few peoples appetite for the book of shorts when its launched. Thanks for re-blogging and bigging me up so much, which I dont deserve, but which I enjoyed immensely! Xxx

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  4. You and Ali are both the bomb-diggety! 🙂

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