Something cheesy

I’m writing this on Tuesday night, and scheduling it for tomorrow. Wednesday is one of my regular nights, and I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

When I first started writing, I was jealous of movie makers and rock video style. They can cover a lot of story without many words. Music, audio, and visuals are pretty strong. It doesn’t bother me these days, because I’ve learned a few things along the way. Still, it’s fun to play on occasion.

I decided to play with the idea using Lisa the robot girl. I chose her, because more blog followers are familiar with her than my other characters. This is my idea of the opening credits of the Lisa Burton movie.

The scene is the Atlantic Robotics laboratory. Industrial music is the theme for now, combined with tool noise, like hydraulic wrenches and such. A row of lab geeks are working on various robotic parts. They are wearing lab coats etc.

One is polishing a shoulder joint with a fine whetstone. Another is connecting computer hardware together. The third has a tongue in combination with some fancy computer hardware. She drips something on the tongue, and a computer readout details what the substance is complete with molecular drawings. To show the passage of time, a speedy motion of the shadows moves across the workbench.

During all this, credits are flashing in the corners. Another day is demonstrated in similar fashion. This time the robotic parts are mostly assembled. The tongue is attached to the throat, and someone bolts on a metallic jaw full of very human looking teeth.

New scene in the white lab. We see someone in a full hazmat suit stitching the hydroponic layer over a robotic battle chassis. The chassis is covered with a sequence of small empty bladders in the approximate layout of muscles. This person takes a roll of (genetically modified) human skin from of a tube of red goop and places it over the robot. This person swabs collagen glue over the seams and wipes the seams smooth.

The next scene shows a frail looking skin and robotics entity sitting up on a gurney. It’s bald, barefoot, and wearing a paper gown. The skin hangs loosely over the mechanical parts. Break the music for a bit of dialog. The robot answers in a very electronic male voice. The supervisor directs the scientists to give it a female voice.

The robot’s trainer/handler leads it to an office and tosses it an old tee shirt and jeans. She instructs the robot to choose a voice while taking on a petroleum product to fill up the bladders. The music picks up again.

The robot walks into a special room with extremely bright heat lamps. The oil is somewhere between a grease and a wax, and flows in the heat. The handler lady hooks it to a computer using a wire in the umbilical. Cue a scene of the oil filling a body part. Nothing nasty here, maybe a long beautiful neck taking shape via inflation.

Next view is the lead scientist and the handler lady outside the door of the heat room. The music changes to a rocking guitar solo. I like the one from Blue Collar Man.

The door slowly opens, and the lights are blinding. There is steam, because I can and it has a cool effect on the bright lights.

Lisa steps out of the heat room. The tee shirt and jeans are too tight in all the right places. Maybe there is a bit of bare midriff. She’s still bald at this point. She’s more robot than human right now and her dialog reflects this, but the voice is a moderately deep sexy female.

She says, “It would complete the illusion of my humanity if you would start calling me Lisa Burton.”


Why did I write this? I have no idea. I’m not jealous of the movie and video crowd any longer. Maybe it would be cool if you introduced one of your characters using movie credits or a music video. If you link here in the comments I’ll read it.

Im going on an overnight field trip for my paycheck job. I might not be able to respond to comments until I get back. Have fun with this idea and share with all of us.

Are you jealous of the music video/movie tools as a writer. Is this a normal progression for a writer?

Reminder: there will be a new Lisa Burton story in The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack. If you’re new here, you can get a free Lisa Burton paper doll by clicking on “Look, Free Stuff” at the top of this page. (Okay, you can get one even if you’re not new here. My regulars all know about this already.)



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9 responses to “Something cheesy

  1. Very Cool. I could see it all play out in my head. It flows just like the opening of your novel.

    I never really thought of my books or characters in video format. Hmm. I could probably do some cool stuff with the Mothman, couldn’t I? I’ll have to think on that one.

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  2. I loved reading about Lisa’s creation. I’ve never thought about my characters in video format. Not sure it really works for crime fiction. It certainly wouldn’t be as interesting as this.

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  3. That’s so cool! I especially love the shadows moving across as they progress time. 🙂

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