Out and about

I finished up my critique group stuff this morning. The guys had some good suggestions, and I made a few changes.

We wound up at the camper place to pick up a gas fitting to hook up our outdoor stove. This was followed by a trip to Whole Foods. I had a wonderful peach and pancetta panini there. Sounds weird, tastes wonderful.

We stopped by the Boise Co-Op because my wife wanted a few things over there. I found the first pumpkin beers on the shelf and brought several home. I am an admitted pumpkin beer junkie.

Somewhere in there I wrote another Macabre Macaroni. I have two now, but need two or three more. I like to plan ahead, and not wait to create them. I'm pretty happy with these. I also sent off a couple of guest posts to friends who invited me over. Love those guest posts and visits.

I also had a fun idea for Macabre Macaroni this year. I need to keep mum until mid September, but some of you might be able to play along. What can I say? I'm an author and I get ideas.

I booked a blog tour for Will O' the Wisp. I have it set up right before Halloween, because it's a great Halloween read. Somewhere in there, I'm going to release my book of short stories. They might also make decent Halloween reading. Just in case, I'm including a free sample of Will O' the Wisp in the back of the shorties. Everything is starting to tie together quite well. It may not all work, but it won't be for a lack of effort. I'm considering doing another Amazon advertising campaign over the top of all this. The last one wasn't uber successful, but it wasn't a failure either. Approaching Halloween, it might be more productive, plus the blog tour, etc. Should I do it? What do you guys think?

I also wrote a fun Lisa Burton post to throw out there right before the short stories go live on Amazon. I did a tiny bit of research on how to make an active table of contents, but haven't gotten very far on that project. I have two new pieces of Lisa art that I'm dying to share with everyone, but I need to wait for the release. Two more are coming to support my novel, The Playground.

Tonight, we returned to Old Chicago to work on my beer mini tour. I only need to drink two more to earn my beach blanket. This is right before we take the camper to the Oregon Coast for our vacation. It's a tough job, but I'm up to the task, and we'll have a cool beach blanket. One more full work week before I'm on vacation, and I won't have to go back until early September.

This means I'll have to use some of that time to choose an outline. I'm really struggling with this. The politically correct crowd may have changed what I need to write next. As horrible as that sounds, I need to be aware of such things.

Tried to talk my wife into continuing our night out, but we're home now. There are any number of small breweries we could have visited, but she wasn't up for it. Therefore, I'm watching classic Dr. Who episodes while I write this. The Waters of Mars is on right now. It looks like some weeping angels are up next. I'm not disappointed. These were great episodes.

How is your Saturday night going? Did you write anything? Do you have any promotional events coming up?


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23 responses to “Out and about

  1. I do hope you get your beach blanket. I am sitting out on my patio enjoying the cooling breeze of the evening. A trip to the Oregon Coast sounds like great fun, especially with a beach blanket. Going to a movie tonight by myself. Going to eat Buncha Crunch and see The Gift. As far as promotional events – I honestly don’t even know where to begin. So I think I will just write another post. Have ideas pinging around in my head. Hope the rest of your night is enjoyable!!!!!!!

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    • I’m to the point where I don’t know what works. I also know following the herd doesn’t get me anywhere. So I try different things. I’ll know more in October. This is all based upon August planning. Who knows what will work. Enjoy your film.

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      • It sounds like you really have it planned out. I need to get my act together. My 17 year old says I just letting my book gather dust, he is really quite aggravated with me because I haven’t really done anything with my book. Must be a way around this. Something clever that no one has tried. I like the writing part, but I don’t like this part at all, must get a better, more positive attitude. Got to go to my movie. Talk to you later.


  2. I wrote nothing. I did manage to dress and go out to eat, but otherwise, I had a very lazy, relaxing day. I needed it, too.

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  3. I’m also working on a Halloween short story collection – maybe for Halloween 2016.

    Care to give any hint what you think the PC crowd might not like? Sometimes I think people who like to complain were never going to be consumers anyway, so ignoring them has no impact…

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  4. Dinner with friends and Guardians of the Galaxy DVD for us – it was very funny!


  5. In between edits I’m trying to get another ms ready to submit, but I’ve changed so much of the story it’s a much bigger job than I anticipated. Back to work…

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    • It never really ends. I like drafting a MS best, but I’ve taken much of the summer to plan out a fall marketing attack. There have been many times I considered writing my first draft, enjoying the process, and trunking it. That way I don’t have to worry about all the rest, and I get to have fun. I’ll never do it that way, but it’s tempting.

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  6. Have you ever brewed Kombucha? You can flavor it with pumpkin and spices in the second ferment. I just started and I LOVE the stuff. It has sooooo many health benefits. It’s an effervescent, sweet-tart fermented tea. My go-to site is linked. I really like her You Tube videos. https://www.kombuchakamp.com/

    I got my log line written for The Conduit:
    Grieving the loss of his innocent son, a semi-retired crime scene specialist turns to the paranormal to find a serial killer on a rampage in the most important case of his life. A gifted woman, still traumatized by an evil that haunted her childhood, must confront the malevolent force that torments her mind and harness the power of her supernatural skill before she loses one she holds most dear.


  7. Wow sound like you’ve been a very busy bee!

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  8. I’ve got a short blog tour I have planned for Myth and Magic the 3rd week of October. I’m hoping the Halloween theme of the book will do well that month. Lately, I’ve been in editing mode, but I did manage to squeeze in some writing on book 2 of the Point Pleasant (Mothman) series. I think when summer finally winds down and fall kicks in I will be far more productive. Less outside distractions!

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  9. WOW! I’m so impressed with you, my friend! And very happy for your phenomenal game plan. ❤


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