I’m not in hiding

My brother is visiting this weekend. We picked crab apples for hours for him to juice. We're also having a great visit.

My blog stats tanked, but some things take preference. I'll get back to a standard schedule, but this weekend is booked.



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9 responses to “I’m not in hiding

  1. Enjoy your brother’s visit and the crab apple juice!

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  2. Enjoy it, Craig. It’s good to have a break from writing and the blog now and again. Stats aren’t everything, and your friends and followers will still be here.

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  3. Blog stats vs brother fun. I’ll take the brother fun.

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  4. enjoy the real world is a deserving cause!

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  5. I have to ask…juice a crab? What are you people doing in the mid-west? Mid-west, right?

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  6. Weekend? What’s that? I hope you boys had a great visit! 😀

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