Monday Night

I just finished making a few updates on The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack. You guys are awesome, and I'm moved that someone already read the entire thing and sent notes. First reactions are encouraging.

Now I'm drinking a 90 Shilling ale and kicking back. I always try to post a little something on Monday nights. I hit it pretty hard this weekend and already posted about that.

In other news, there aren't many peaches this year. My tree produced a bumper crop last year, and this is expected. I picked one and ate it tonight. It was wonderful. It still has a bit of crunch, but was sweat and peachy all the way through. I may have to glean through them next weekend.

My crabapple has several tons of crab apples. I need to call my brother and see if he wants them. He bought an apple press last year, and they ought to make wonderful cider. I need about a dozen or so to make a jar of jelly. I don't need several tons.

That's about it for Monday night.



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34 responses to “Monday Night

  1. Very cool that you got a response already. Congrats.

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  2. Nothing in this world tastes better than a fresh picked, juicy, sweet, ripe peach. I ate a whole bushel in one day when I was pregnant with my daughter. I’m allowed two Tbsp. of fruit a day on my new diet. Argh!

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  3. Almost half way through myself. Enjoy those peaches!

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  4. I’m pleased with my apple trees this year 🙂 I still do need to have them pruned properly.
    I’ve been all about plums the last few days 🙂

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  5. So good to hear you already have your first response! Enjoy your peaches and crab apples.

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  6. I am halfway through, just in case you’re wondering…


  7. Sounds like a relaxing Monday night. Can you mail me some cider? Mm-mm.

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  8. I didn’t know you had peach and crabapple trees. I just read an article yesterday about how the NJ peach crop is expected to be great this year. Enjoy!

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  9. Great post i enjoyed it with a cuppa!!

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  10. I’m collecting blackberries to make jam. What summer is all about!

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  11. How cool that you already have feedback. How does crabapple cider taste?

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