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I slacked off on my Wednesday post. I had a tough week at work, and even took tomorrow off to recover. At least I had a couple of awesome reblogs for everyone.

I snapped this photo while camping last weekend. I sat under the awning and watched the lake for about an hour. There wasn't a boat around anywhere. When this happened, I snapped a quick photo.

So, I ask you, what caused that swirl in the middle of the lake? It stayed like that for about twenty minutes. Everyone seemed to have fun with my conspiracy theory about my camping neighbor. Let's hear your theories.

Waterborne monsters are scary, because humans are so helpless in the water. In fact, a big part of monsters involves isolation and difficult environments. Authors have to sell the sizzle and not the steak here. We rarely see an author place a scary monster in a crowd during broad daylight. That's because we are at our best under those circumstances. Most monsters appear miles from help, where there isn't a cellular signal, and mostly at night.

So here we have a bizarre swirl on the surface of Brownlee Reservoir. Is it jet wash from a cloaked spaceship? Maybe it's caused by something underneath the water. Let me hear it. Maybe it's the mothership come to retrieve my erie camping neighbor.



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30 responses to “Something to consider

  1. Am I wrong or is there a story about some sort of monster in one of Idaho’s rivers? Maybe I dreamt reading about it. Anyways it’s a snake…. a great big huge one. This is the reason behind the name of one of our rivers. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Through water lies the way to the Otherworld. The Irish knew this very well, which is why it appears so much I’m their mythology. I see no reason why it shouldnt be so in the US. Someone… Or some THING… Clearly came through…

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  3. Let me clear this up for you . It was Vlad my friendly immoeal Vampire Bear . ( well as friendly and as far he can be trusted I am not sure! ) He informs me he flew by at Mac 3 and he was wearing his cape of invisibility.
    Sorry I do apologise on his behalf for his reckless disregard for your privacy and sanity! …… He show scant regard for mine and never apologises for to me no matter how heinous the situation he has caused for me!

    Vlad in all his glory.


  4. PS. for “immoeal” read immortal …see he was having a go at my typing even then!!

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  5. I liked the cloaked spaceship idea simply because you said it stayed that way for 20 minutes. Seems a monster would move away rather than stirring the water in a circular pattern for 20 min. That would get boring. A cloaked alien ship observing you in your habitat, trying to decide if you were interesting enough to abduct, that makes sense…. They didn’t know about your stories or you’d be a goner.

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  6. Probably a water giant snorting. Been sleeping there ever since he/she created those gouges in the land in the background. The ripples lasted for so long because a school of fish were playing near the thing’s nose and mouth. So they were tickling it.

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  7. Clearly it’s a serial killer’s “garden” of bodies. He’s tending to his garden, primping the flowing dresses, reapplying their lipstick, running his fingers through their hair, playing with his toys, circling round and round from one body to the next–all anchored to the bottom. From a distance his flippers cause that ripple you see. You can rest easy; you’re the wrong gender.

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  8. I’m all about the monster theory (right up my alley). Maybe a hatching of some sort or one burrowing into the silt at the bottom to settle down for a nap. Good thing for you it wasn’t hungry!

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  9. Love the pic … solitude … well, with Nessy’s cousin.

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  10. It’s a vortex created by a hole in the earth beneath the water. The lake’s water is draining down this hole and will soon be dry. Meanwhile the water is cooling off the earth’s core. This is happening all over the planet. The inner earth would cool down completely and the liquid outer core would solidify. The earth would shrink and turn into a ball of rock. Nothing will grow and all living things will die. Oh and I forgot to mention that the holes were caused by aliens who want to destroy the earth. πŸ˜‰

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  11. As your usually boring reader and childhood fisherwoman, I suggest river bars in the bed, making changes in the current.
    But if you catch a monster, I totally wanna see that pic!

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  12. It depends. If the swirl is clockwise, then it’s obviously made by freshwater jellyfish during their annual summertime mating ritual. However, if the swirl is counterclockwise, then you’re talking spacecraft. Each July, the vernal equinox combined with the aurora borealis attracts millions of space creatures to Earth, particularly to the Northwestern United States. The dry weather combines with the cool nights and hot days provides the perfect climate for the beings to channel into the atmosphere unnoticed. They usually land in large bodies of water and burrow their craft in the depths of the murkiness to conceal their location. Since they don’t require oxygen, the water isn’t a problem. Once they recover from the landing, they transform into dopplegangers of Idaho residents where they then assume their identities and send their human twin to the craft for experimentation. While they assume the alternate identity, they then travel out of state under the pretense of visiting relatives, but their real mission is to conquer Bed Bath and Beyond and any other mall-like businesses, so they can take samples back to their home planet.

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