Guest Blogger, Donna Cummings: An Interview with My Muse, Endora

Someone else gets a visit from her muse. The raven of Doubt even gets a nod.

From the Pen of Mae Clair

I’m turning my blog over to my good friend Donna Cummings today, and her very witty, spectacular, beyond-fabulous guest (you’ll understand all of those lovely adjectives in a minute). This post had me grinning in delight, so sit back and enjoy. Oh—and Donna has an awesome treat for you, too, at the end. 🙂


An Interview with My Muse Endora
by Donna Cummings

After I read the great post here from C. S. Boyack about the raven Doubt, I received an unexpected visit from my muse Endora. She was quite inspired by Doubt’s work, and wanted to renovate the writing cave to include room for an entire flock of ravens. She argued that it would help with our “job share” arrangement—the one where she takes all the credit and I get all the blame.

I know the best way to distract Endora from such a crazy notion is to…

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6 responses to “Guest Blogger, Donna Cummings: An Interview with My Muse, Endora

  1. And there it is! This post was so, so fun.

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  2. Craig, thanks so much for sharing Donna’s interview with her muse, Endora. I’m still chuckling over their “collaborations.” 🙂

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  3. Thanks for including me here. Er, I mean “us”. Endora is here in spirit. LOL Which of course means she’s off somewhere else, having fun, while I’m doing all the hard work again. 🙂

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