This is a test.

If this test works, I'll post about how to fiddle with the WordPress Reader. To make it work, I need enough words to make sure it won't fit in the Reader.

I'm changing my style from “full post” to “summary.” This may be the way to get a direct link to my site. Again, I'm droning on because I want enough to words to test this out.

I posted my cover just to make this post bigger. If you're intrigued, there is a link in my sidebar – if you can get to it. The post ought to be large enough now, so away we go…



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12 responses to “This is a test.

  1. Should we comment you back? The post worked, how did it look in the reader?

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  2. It worked. Nice big cover and image and click here to read more. Instantly, I’m here.


  3. Have you looked at it in the app?

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  4. Did it work? Do you think it’s different in an iPad versus a computer or phone?

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