Here is a partial fix for WordPress Reader

My tantrum about the WordPress reader is in cyberspace for all to see. I'm going to leave it up, in hopes the WordPress people see it and it gives them gas, and sadness, much sadness.

This fix isn't perfect. What I wanted was a way for people to go directly to my website. I wanted them to see my cool wallpaper, and important sidebar data. I accomplished that much.

I also wanted them to be able to scroll through my posts. I haven't figured that out yet. So far they can at least find a single post and read it the way I intended them to see it. Here's what you do:

First get into the back of your WordPress site whatever way you prefer. I weaseled my way there through the old dashboard. (How much longer will that last? Beep beep boop coming soon.)

Find the tab that says, “Settings” and select it.

Scroll down to where it says “For each article in a feed, show” change it from the default setting of “Full text” to “Summary.”

What this does is places a direct link to your post at the bottom of your summary. Interested readers can now find their way directly to my site. They still can't get the scrolling site, but at least they get to see the site I designed.

Many of you said you follow Entertaining Stories via email. Please let me know if this change messes that process up.



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33 responses to “Here is a partial fix for WordPress Reader

  1. I have a hacker’s fix on the beep beep boop thingy. Don’t have that on my dashboard anymore. I have the old professional editor.

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  2. This is all very curious. What was wrong with the old Reader? It worked fine. I am so confused. I go to work, I come home and everything is different. What the heck?

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  3. Got your last two posts by email.


  4. Thanks for this fix. It took me a couple tries because I kept getting bounced out to a mobile version of my settings page which didn’t have all the options… Could be an internet explorer thing…

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  5. Thanks for working on this. All of my currently active blog sites were already set to Summary. Before I start work again on my other sites, I hope WP repents and abandons their latest sin (but knowing how they’ve behaved before, I’m not holding my breath while I wait).

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  6. I’ve made the settings change to my blog. Let me know if you want me to publish the interview tonight, or hold off a few days and see how this works out.

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  7. By the way, where did you get the nifty mushrooms? I remember pics like those from a book of my mother’s that I liked to look at, when I was a kid.

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  8. These changes are terrible. The print is tiny on people’s posts, the post views are tiny and there are four empty inches of space on each side of the tiny posts. It is hard to see whose blog your looking at. I can only see one line as I comment here, not the whole comment. There is no time stamp to alert you if WP is missing posts. Yee Gads what doufus makes these decisions?

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  9. I may have to do that… Good idea.

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  10. It really annoys me when they “fix” things that were fine before and make them worse! I never used to have my posts fixed to summary, but I too changed it to that yesterday when I saw in the reader, if you don’t do that, it’s actually really difficult to figure out how to get to the person’s actual site! It’s ridiculous, even if we didn’t pay for our template, we’ve still taken time to decide how we want our site to look, so why would we want people to not come to our site to read our posts? And now in the reader, it’s much harder to see who the post is written by, that has been made smaller, as if that is unimportant.

    I still used the original WP Admin too. Who do they consult on these changes? Do you ever leave comments on the WP posts where they announce changes? I think they’re more likely to see those than a rant on your own blog, they often reply to those too.

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  11. I follow you be email, Craig. It worked fine for me. Thanks for this info… My homework for this evening!

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  12. Love getting your posts via email. It all seems to be working well on my end. As a mushroom lover, too, I adore your wallpaper.

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    • I am amazed at how many people follow via email. I may have to test that path myself.


      • Email is the best way for me to know when my favorite blogger has a posted something new. I’ve never figured out how to get a notification any other way. I usually have a hard time remembering to go look for new posts, unless they drop in my email. I’m glad you had the option on your blog to sign up.

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  13. Cool. I’ll try this. Thanks!

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  14. Twilight Jewels

    You might want to share your experiences and thoughts about the changes in the wordpress forum. Read what others have shared. Here’s a link to the most popular thread:

    There is a representative from WordPress staff responding to comments, so you know your voice will be heard.

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  15. I hate when the WordPress powers that be go monkeying around with stuff! I recently discovered that they took away their trophy case that I used to think was silly but now I actually miss. And I still don’t like the new editor or new stats page that they changed last year.

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