Something quick to consider

Frank, over at In a Frank Angle, dropped me a line and invited me to participate in a fun project. He wrote a short piece of fiction, and the challenge is to rewrite the ending.

I emailed my version, because I can't know if I'll have WiFi over in Hell's Canyon. It's in my usual tender and gentle style. He would like as many people as possible to participate.

I promised him I would help spread the word. Here are the rules. It requires about 75 words to play along. Check it out and consider playing along.


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6 responses to “Something quick to consider

  1. Many thanks Craig … and I invite your readers to join in the fun … and I’ll be entering your ending into the comments.

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  2. I’ll have to look at it. It could get the Muse talking again after so much stress. Thanks for the heads up, Craig.

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  3. You’re always so good at helping to spread the word. No time to play, but have fun!

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  4. That’s a really neat idea!

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