Trying not to be a writer

I’ve mentioned before that I’m trying to tone things down during the summer months. My writing pursuits can wait until winter for all I care. I just want a good outline when I start.

To that end, I’ve been dabbling in related projects. None of them are really serious.

I called my parents, like I do every Sunday. We talked for about an hour and a half. No real topic, but the killer hawk is defending its nest in Mom’s front yard again. I told her she should start carrying a salmon net. Maybe she can train it to leave her alone.

When we finished, I added some cards to the remaining outlines I didn’t work on the other day. I’m considering a gender swap for one of my characters. Maybe “she would do anything to save her man” has better punch than the other way around. They’re still the bad guys, and I need to manipulate the fealty readers will have for them. It still doesn’t feel quite right.

The whole time I was doing this, I felt like I was being watched. Something made my senses tingle, but I was just being silly.

Maybe my new blood pressure medicine has something to do with it. Like I said, I’m not taking things seriously this summer. I spent some time throwing my virtual goat out of a catapult.

Good air on this throw

My daughter got up and decided to make us some breakfast. She got scared by a large spider in the kitchen. Maybe not a big deal, but it was the morning for creepy stuff. Breakfast was good. Egg burrito with chipotle sauce.

We talked for about 45 minutes before she had to go upstairs and start getting ready for work. I went back to another project. I plodded through two chapters of an old book and corrected a couple of typos.

My Spidey senses tingled once more. I turned in my chair so my back was to the wall.

My daughter leaned over the stair rail. “Holy crap! What is that?”

I leaped up and looked out back.

I want your nuts.

My nuts are just fine where they are, thank you very much. I think even the old pit bull could have caught this one. He was asleep beside the air conditioner duct, and we gave this squirrel a pass.

Not a lot of writing related projects today, but some. I need to clean up the sauerkraut crock before it’s cabbage season once again. I also need to deadhead some roses. Maybe I’ll do that this afternoon. I’m keeping an eye on my nuts though.


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38 responses to “Trying not to be a writer

  1. Maybe your new friend is trying to give you a story idea. Looks like he’s got a tale to tell!

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  2. A strange morning indeed but what a cute squirrel!

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  3. Scrolling down and my eyes lock on ‘I want your nuts’. That laugh is going to help me get through the next hour of catch up.

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  4. Hahahaha!!!! Boy, your squirrels look nothing like ours. What’s with the brown fur? And that face — so cute! You’ve got weird birds that sing trance-like serenades and the most adorable squirrels ever, albeit a bit nosey.

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  5. What a charming house guest, even if he is hanging outdoors. Hmmm…could this be a new muse telling you to “squirrel” a story away until fall?

    At least he finally got your attention, LOL!

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  6. You know how I love a good squirrel story.
    My squirrels got half a loaf of garlic bread Friday night, because I dropped it on the floor 😛 lol

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  7. Maybe he came to give you inspiration!

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  8. Watch out for that blood pressure medicine. I spent about six weeks as a shambling, emotionless zombie before I realized that I couldn’t do my job any more, and that my health was suffering because I’d completely given up exercise.

    I’ve got a replacement medicine now, but I’m scared to touch the stuff.

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  9. When reading this, “What a surprise!” – Ha ha…

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  10. Hate spiders. A tiny one bit me a few years back resulting in my having to take kick-ass strong antibiotics.

    So… I am intrigued by how you outline. You write key points on cards and shuffle them around? I’d never thought of doing this! Does it work well? I just usually scribble all over my pages but rather like the card idea.

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  11. I was going to ask what the creature was as I didn’t recognise it as a squirrel till I saw the comments (you’d think the reference to nuts would have given me a clue wouldn’t you!). Very cute – the squirrel I mean, not your nuts..oh no…wait…I mean..oh dear…

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  12. Literally a squirrelly day. Fun post!

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  13. I have challenged you to a 3 quotes in 3 days challenge. Please don’t feel pressured to accept the challenge.

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  14. That’s one beefed up nut hunter! Is it really a squirrel? It’s so big, I thought it was a groundhog! LOL!

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