Long day

I had a long hard day today. My job was depressing. Enough about that.

I took my wife out to our local Irish pub for dinner. Sounds like her day sucked too. The hospital where she works is going to require a grey uniform from now on. She must have five hundred unique scrub outfits that make her happy. Now we have to buy all new stuff that fails to make her happy. This does nothing to improve customer service, but tastes like micro management.

The best part of the day was many Smithwicks. My attitude has improved. Tomorrow is another day, and it almost has to be better by default.

I found out about Goodkindles today. This sounds like something I need to investigate. I bookmarked the website for later. If anyone has some input on this promotional site I'd love to hear it.

That's about it. I'm going to go now before I make a tasteless joke about Theon Greyjoy/Reek and Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.


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24 responses to “Long day

  1. I can so relate to your wife. The nursing home I once worked for did a survey and all the residents said they liked the variety and cheerful colors of the unique scrubs, so they left us alone, but a psych hospital, of all places, that was once street clothes, so as not to be intimidating, got a micro managing administrator and went full cranberry uniforms. Not a color that looks good on everybody.

    Tried GoodKindles and was not impressed. I think I still have their required widget on my blog. I used both banner ad and side bar ad. I sold four books that month.

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  2. Sorry to hear about the scrubs. You’d think a hospital would want some color to cheer the place up. As for Goodkindles, it’s one of my big promo sites and I’ve done postings and sidebar ads. Keep in mind that I use sites in conjunction with each other, so it’s a team effort instead of one site having power. Still I get some good results from it and it’s actually cheaper than a lot of stuff out there.

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  3. Hmm, I left a comment last night but don’t see it today. In it I said I never had much luck with Goodkindles. But I don’t remember it costing much so that was good.

    Maybe my comment went to spam. That’s been happening of late.

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    • That’s strange. You’re always welcome here. I like Charles’ idea of using several different sites. I’d probably have to do one at a time so I could make comparisons.


      • Yes, that way you know which one makes a difference and what doesn’t. I can’t see my sales–my small press gets the numbers–but I could base things a bit off my Amazon ranking. But it was a couple years ago I used them.

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  4. I had to look up Goodkindles. I was alarmed when 12 didn’t know anything about it. You know how 12’s are, they usually think they know everything…
    I can’t believe GRAY scrubs! GRAY?! Ugh. What a way to suck joy from everyone in a hospital. Ick.

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  5. I hope your day today is better than yesterday–and your wife’s too. That’s a shame about her having to go out and buy new scrubs.

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  6. *hugs* to your wife. Gray is so bland to wear day after day, especially when you’re already around sickness. I’d be depressed too.

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  7. Oh that stinks for your wife! Taking away her individuality can be so depressing! 😦 I had a VERY sucky day at work today too. Almost quit over the crap that went on.

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