Monday night recap

Since I finished writing The Playground, I’ve stashed it away to ferment. This doesn’t mean I’ve been completely away from writing.

I signed up for one of those Amazon advertising campaigns. This is a nothing to lose and everything to gain process. I set up Will O’ the Wisp to show up when people shop for similar items. When people see it, it costs me nothing. If they click on it, it costs me 19¢. So far there are nearly 1000 views with no clicks. The prediction is 1000 views per click. The rumor is that Amazon will cancel my ad if it isn’t productive.

I don’t see a downside here. There are 1000 more people who at least glanced at my artwork, and it cost me nothing. I’ll probably study about the process and try it again.

I signed up at a book review site. Two people immediately asked for a copy of Wisp. I got a small email from one of them and a review is coming soon. The email was very encouraging. This kind of thing makes a writer feel good. It’s an example of someone doing a tiny bit extra and making someone’s day. I must remember to do this more often myself.

I’ve been adding index cards to my four new outlines. Nothing really Earth shattering, but it is forward momentum. I’m going to make the outlines fight it out for my writing time. Those that don’t make it will not get deleted. They may still get in the queue at a later time. I think this is an interesting process, because I might have the subsequent tale ready to go much sooner.

I made an introduction post over at The Story Reading Ape’s place. This was well received, and I had some lovely well wishes and a few conversations too. I gained some new followers. Thank you, Chris.

I’ve invited several people to use my site for their upcoming promotions. I have three pretty cool folks coming up in the next few weeks. This always seems to drive traffic both ways. We all win.

Today, I went on a tiny book buying spree. I can’t read as many books as some of you, but I still like to read. I learn from seeing how others go about the craft too. Here’s what I bought:

  • White Night, by Jim Butcher. I love the Dresden Files.
  • My Grl, by John W. Howell. His blog is fun, why not his book?
  • The Diabolical Miss Hyde, by Viola Carr. I have no idea why. It looked and sounded fun. Sometimes I like to pick a wildcard.
  • Myth & Magic, by Mae Clair. I had to pre-order this one, but it should download in a few days. I got this one precisely because it is a romance – of sorts. I find that other genres have certain tricks and ways to use tension and drama that my orbit never sees. Maybe I can learn something new. Maybe I’ll really enjoy it too.
  • Ichabod Brooks and the City of Beasts, by Charles Yallowitz. I bought, read, and issued a five star review today. I love short fiction for the ability to finish a project without dedicating a massive amount of time. It was a fun story too.

That ought to last me a few months. I may not start John’s book until July. My book club requires me to read one club book per quarter. I would have read My Grl anyway, but since John is in the same club, I might as well get the credit for reading it after the quarter changes.

Mae’s book isn’t quite out yet. That leaves me with Miss Hyde or Harry Dresden. Yeah, I’ll probably pick Dresden.

I have a few other promotional ideas in the works. I’m not quite ready to discuss them yet. Maybe I ought to take Will O’ the Wisp out for another blog tour. Does anyone know bloggers who reach a lot of the young adult market? I’d kind of like to reach a little deeper towards the target market.

There is someone else out there with a standing invitation to write something for her blog. My memory is tricking me right now, but I’ll figure it out. Maybe it was Sally Cronin. I’ll figure it out.

My critique group met tonight and were very kind to my submission. It’s encouraging when grown men tell you it made them squeamish, or creeped them out. I was going for that in this section. Where Will O’ the Wisp is young adult, The Playground is not.

I no longer consider “new words on paper” to be the only thing that is writing. As a self publisher, we have to do so much more. Therefore, I’m being productive. It just isn’t new words.

Back to the salt mines tomorrow for me.



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17 responses to “Monday night recap

  1. Sounds productive and ‘My GRL’ is a fun read. I can confirm that Amazon rumor too. I had one going ‘Sleeper’ and they cancelled it around a month because it wasn’t getting enough attention. Wasn’t really sure how to take that at the time, but it does show how hard it is. I went with categories too, which I thought would hit a wider range of items. Might try again with the first book and connect to the big fantasy series. Good luck with your promo.

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  2. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle the Playground if its that creepy!

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  3. Wow, thanks for adding Myth and Magic to your reading list. I really appreciate it and hope you’ll enjoy it. Lots of mystery and family dynamics in this one, but equal parts romance.

    You’re ahead of me on Dresden. I only have the first four read, but they’re always on my list. I don’t think I’m familiar with the Amazon ad campaign. I need to look that up as it sounds like something I’d want to do. The only one I’m familiar with is $100 up front, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to put that in a single ad.

    Oh–on touring companies, they’re supposed to try to line you up with like-minded blogs for your target audience, but that hasn’t always been the case in my experience. Because my books slant toward mystery, I always have a hard time finding my audience. It’s something I’ve really been lamenting lately.

    I can handle a fair amount of horror so the Playground should prove interesting!

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    • I just couldn’t wait for Mothman. This is the same Amazon campaign. You have to authorize $100 against your card. That doesn’t mean it will all get spent, only that it stops at $100 as a safety valve. I’m up to 2500 views and the one click cost me 2 cents. I bid 19 cents, but you get the high bid at the lowest price; therefore 2 cents. Playground isn’t really horror, I just want to make sure readers understand the stakes.

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      • That’s sounding a lot better than what I thought I was getting for $100. I think I’ll look into it for Myth and Magic. And yeah….Mothman will be a while yet. Glad I could intrigue you with something else.

        Not horror. Hmmm….sounds interesting!

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  4. I love June’s background goodies 🙂
    Happy reading.

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  5. You’re always welcome on my blog. I doubt I have any YA readers, but you could always write a post instead and slip your books in between like a subliminal message. Ha! Remember they used to do that in movies? “Buy popcorn.”

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  6. Congratulations! It sounds like you’ve had a very productive week. I envy you. 🙂

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