#Read about Guest #Author Craig Boyack

I need to learn more about time zones. I was told this would appear on Sunday. I suppose it is Sunday where Chris is. Proud to make my first appearance on this wonderful site.

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Craig Boyack 01
Hello, fellow primates, and thanks for reading my post. I’m Craig Boyack, and I write speculative fiction in my spare time.

That isn’t everything I do, however. I hold down a regular job, have a lovely wife, and three adult children. We also have three pretty cool grandchildren. I like to do outdoors things with a more mellow side. I fish, forage, enjoy hunting for cool rocks, that sort of thing. I’ve panned for gold, and it’s nearly morel mushroom season here in Idaho. I grow my own fruit trees, and keep a thirtyish year old sourdough starter named Tituba.

When it comes to city life, my wife and I still do date night every weekend. We enjoy dinner and a movie, and I really like the whole craft beer movement. We save up for something bigger at least once per year, and it may be a play or a…

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6 responses to “#Read about Guest #Author Craig Boyack

  1. I’m on London, UK time Craig, so Sunday arrives here about 7 to 10 hours ahead of your timezone 😀


  2. I didn’t know you and the Great Ape were acquainted. Loved the posted.


  3. You the man! I love when you get the guest-blog. 😀

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