An unexpected extra on planning

I recently spent several days going over my cork board version of outlining. Some of you really got into it, while others waited for a different topic. It's okay, there will always be another topic.

For those who liked the posts, I learned most of it from a writer named Alexandra Sokoloff. She started life as a screenwriter, and now writes novels. She knows more than I do about the process. I did my usual gathering of nuggets and used the parts I liked.

She isn't on WordPress, so it isn't easy to simply re-blog her post today. She's doing an act breakdown of Silence of the Lambs that's worth reading. She explains some of the fairytale aspects, use of scenery, and subtle things we novelists can learn from.

For those of you who are interested, here's a link to the post. I used a copy and paste to add her to my Reader stream, and the RSS link to follow her in that reader too. Her site has a ton of information, and I wouldn't want to miss anything.



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5 responses to “An unexpected extra on planning

  1. I admit I haven’t done the cork board thing as well as I should, and I’m still pantsing to a degree, but your posts inspired me to take a harder look at outlining, and I’ve been writing up notes like crazy for my new WIP (book 2 in my Point Pleasant/Mothman series). I think it will be a huge help when I dive into the book. So far I have the prologue and first scene written, but I needed a deeper background to move ahead and you’ve motivated me to dig deep and discover it. I may never reach the level you (or Alexandra Sokoloff) do, but I’m pretty impressed with what I have done. May I just say I’m “jazzed” 🙂

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  2. I’ve read many breakdowns of Silence of the Lambs, but hers was especially awesome. Thanks for the introduction. I’m signed up and can hardly wait for part two.

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  3. Very cool, and thank you for sharing! Yes, I loved your series on how your mind works best. And speaking of very cool, I also LOVE your new wallpaper this month!

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