What to talk about tonight

I'm at a loss tonight. It was a tough work week, but it seems like they all are these days.

I have a topic, but I don't want to ruin tomorrow's post by giving too many hints. Tonight, Old What's Her Face* and I are looking at brochures and comparing upholstery of all things.

It's going to be a busy day tomorrow. It begins with another pee wee flag football game, and then we have stuff that will keep us busy all day. I'll have a good topic tomorrow, I promise.

I finished a couple of books this week, and will probably go on a book buying spree Monday. I have some books written by friends I want to read, and I need a new Dresden book. I think Cheri Priest might have a new one out too.

I have a few note cards to add to my outlines, and will probably do a bit of that tonight. Hope you all had a good week and are doing fun things on the weekend.

* Entertaining Stories, protecting my wife's name since 2013.



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12 responses to “What to talk about tonight

  1. Ooh, Jim Butcher has a new Dresden book out? *goes to Butcher’s site* Aw. I’ve already read Skin Game. Waiting for a new book in a series I’m caught up on is so … waiting. I’ll have to find another new author to try. Hmm. I hear this Boyack fellow has some good stuff out. 🙂

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  2. Sometimes you just have low blog days. I keep hearing good things about the Dresden books. How big is that series?

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  3. Have a good rest!!!!

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  4. I still need to catch up on Dresden. I’ve been detoured lately with a few other reads (Including a few related to Point Pleasant and the Mothman), but it’s been a fun weekend outlining notes for my WIP and researching (reading) books related to my subject. I’ve done most of it poolside and have been spoiled rotten by the lovely weather.

    And hey, upholstery shopping sounds like fun!

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