Pretty calm day

I had my morel omelet this morning, it was fabulous, as expected. It turned out to be more of a scramble, my folding skills are kind of hit and miss.

I spent quite a bit of time reading blog posts. There were many about Memorial Day, and some of them were kind of repetitious.

I decided to print out and work through my critique assignments. The guys all did a good job this month, and I really don't have a lot to add. That usually means I'm the one up for the water boarding treatment. It's okay, they've made me a better writer over the years. We meet next Monday. I kind of hope they like Clovis though, he's a fun character to write.

I spent a little bit of time paying bills, and resetting my sprinkler system. The last power outage left it set in 1994 some time.

I hoped to make another index card or two for my outlines, but never got that far. I also have a short story or two that need some polish. It's only about eight PM, so maybe I'll get a tiny bit done on that front. I read an interesting article about new super corneas that can be used to replace those of cataract sufferers. This might be a decent thought for my Grinder outline. Those guys are crazy, and a little home surgery is believable.

I even managed to set aside some time for reading. This is a luxury I don't get often, and intend to take advantage of it until I'm ready to dive into another novel.

I wound up getting finished with my bath at midnight last night. I wrote my blog post in a hurry and left out one important item. Everywhere I went in the forest yesterday that damned bird was haunting me. He's like a taunting phantom with his mournful whistle, tweet twee twooo! One of these days I'll have to call the Forest Service or the Fish & Game to find out what it is. I have this weird visual of me making bird calls into a telephone now. Maybe I'll try an email.

Back to the grindstone tomorrow, but it's been a good holiday weekend. I hope yours was wonderful too.


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23 responses to “Pretty calm day

  1. Sounds very productive, but I was hoping you had an answer for the bird. Fingers crossed that it shows up again and you get a clear look.

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  2. I bet your morel scramble was delicious. I read morel as moral at first. 🙂
    I hope you find out what kind of bird it is. I want to know, too!
    I had a wonderful weekend–glad yours was, too.

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  3. Sounds relaxing. Sorry you don’t get to read much.

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  4. Holiday weekends are always fun, although I tend to be very unproductive. We opened our pool this weekend, so I took advantage of that. I did manage to eke out a scene on book II in my Mothman series and spent yesterday afternoon doing research on UFOs while lounging around the pool. Lazy day.

    And I’m jealous of that morel omelette…er, scramble. Sounds delicious!

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  5. Sounds like a good day. 🙂 That damn bird, though!

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  6. Weird. This post wasn’t in my reader last night, but it’s in my email this morning. I thought we’d already discussed that omelet with the Swiss and morel…
    I’d slobber more, but I just finished my own breakfast! 🙂

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  7. Ali Isaac

    That damned bird is going to haunt you till you sort it out! It must mean something. I dreamed of a white cuckoo the other night. It didnt look like a cuckoo, but I could hear one calling as I looked at this beautiful snow white bird in the fork of a tree. I havent dreamed in ages! This one wont leave me alone!

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  8. Oh, that bird! At least your omelette scramble was delicious! 🙂

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