Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert

Those of you who watch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but have not watched the season finale yet, should turn away now. If you really want to read something I wrote, there are books available in the sidebar. Have fun. Come back to this post after you watch the show.

SHIELD has always been something like a sine wave to me. It’s either really slow or really good. I’m into it, so I watch, but there are times where an episode doesn’t measure up. That was not the case last night. I stayed up past old man bedtime to watch the two hour season finale.

I kind of wish they could get an A or B list superhero to show up on occasion. I’d like to see Reed Richards help them out with something on occasion.

The first hour was mostly about moving the pieces around and explaining the bad lady’s plan. It’s nice that Skye’s mom wound up being the villain, and it was kind of cool that her dad is just a wacko. I actually checked a few emails and only watched peripherally.

The second hour was nothing like that. In fact the last ten minutes wouldn’t allow me to go to sleep right away. Evil is defeated, but lives on in some leaky alien material at the bottom of the sea. Fish swim through it, and this leads to fish oil tablets that are contaminated being placed on the supermarket shelves. This stuff either kills or gives super powers. Nice cliffhanger, but it wasn’t the only one. (Maybe Namor will show up next year.)

Coulson, who I love, winds up saving his team, but loses a hand and part of his forearm in the fray. Rumor has it that he’s an artificial life form, because he was killed in the Avengers movie. Project Tahiti may have transferred him into some other body that only looks like Coulson. Things like this are easily overcome in the superhero world. Still, cliffhanger.

Skye gets to drive Lola, because Coulson presumably can’t. He’s been pretty touchy about his flying car, and this was kind of cool. They landed presumably in Tahiti, where something from the Tahiti project was used to wipe out her crazy dad’s memories and give him new ones. This relates to the prevalent Coulson theory.

May, who I also love, checks out her sexy pink bikini before packing it in her luggage. This is dramatically different for her, so something is up. She decides to leave for a while to find herself, or something. Not a huge cliffhanger, but I am left wondering if next year we’ll get to see that bikini in action. (Hey, she’s one of the few actresses that’s closer to my age.)

Fitz and Simmons. He finally gets the courage to not only talk to her, but ask her on a date. She does her happy schoolgirl routine and he leaves her alone in the alien tech locker. He wants  to scope out restaurants for their date. Isn’t she cute about it? Yup.

Then some alien monolith from last year bounces between liquid and solid a time or two. (It did this last year, nothing to worry about.) It leaves its container and slurps Simmons up like a spaghetti noodle before returning to its container and monolithic phase. WTF!

Tune in next year…

Did anyone else watch the show? What did you think? I thought it was a blast.


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15 responses to “Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert

  1. I have no idea what’s going on, but I sense a symbiote. Probably just wishful thinking. They can’t use Reed, but Hank Pym is always an option.

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  2. Mel

    I figure they’ll recall that fish oil after the first couple of fatalities. Loved the episode.


    • It has to be significant somehow. It will kill someone important to motivate a character. Skye’s father comes to mind. It could enhance someone like a character for the planned spinoff, or the autumn SHIELD villain.


  3. I watched it and stayed up too late, too! This show has really improved from the first season, which was more about team-building — which is necessary, but I thought they took too long with it. I suppose they had to wait for Winter Soldier to come out so they wouldn’t spoil its plot.

    This season, with SHIELD hunted and trying to regroup, the over all arc has been much stronger. Characters like Gemma and May got to show different sides, with Gemma working under cover at Hydra and May detaching a bit from her loyalty to Coulson. The best acting, though, has been by Reina and Ward, two of the continuing villains. I was sorry to see Reina go, although apparently the actress has another part lined up and she couldn’t do both. Ward continues to grow and appears set to take over Hydra.

    I enjoyed meeting Jia Ying, Skye’s mom, and thought she had a lot of dignity and pathos. Her big switch-around felt flat to me. She’s evil now, but she wasn’t acting much different. So that aspect was disappointing.

    The terragen crystals under the sea, turning up in fish oil capsules, made me smile. So the new generation of Inhumans are going to be health nuts and older people? Okay, then!

    Other great acting has been by Coulson, of course, and by Lance and Bobbie. She really stood up under pressure, and her scenes with Ward definitely were the strongest of the first hour. But of all the twists, the scene that really stuck with me is Ward shooting 33, thinking she was May. You can’t beat that for drama.

    Actually, I have to say that I liked the Agents of Shield season ender a little better than Age of Ultron. I think both shows had too many characters and plot threads, and it might be time to thin the ranks in order to focus more closely on the remaining characters.

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    • I agree completely about too many characters. It’s hard to get any depth when they each get a few minutes. I felt the same way about Ultron. The rumor is that Bobby and Lance are getting a spinoff series. I don’t think they need a spinoff, but at this point if they took Ward with them, I’d be fine with it. A little Ward goes a long way these days, and he could haunt both shows. I hope they don’t split Fitz and Simmons between two shows, but it makes some sense to have a science geek on each show. I still don’t think the concept supports a spinoff, but they never asked me. Thanks for weighing in today.

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  4. I haven’t seen this show yet. I’m not sure I want to start something that’ll keep me from writing. The choices are too hard!


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