We went for a country drive today. This time we turned the other way at Moran Junction and went over to Dubois. The idea was to get lunch there, but my wife didn't find anyplace that looked clean enough.

We saw buffalo, antelope, and elk in abundance. There were even a few mule deer around. None of them were close enough to photograph, and we didn't take the time for a long stalk. Buffalo can be dangerous too, and an iPhone isn't much protection.

We never saw a moose. They took quite a pounding in the Yellowstone fire from years ago. There have been enough years in between for a reasonable comeback, but something else came back too. I wonder if the wolves impeded the return of the moose.

I've been through Yellowstone many many times. You used to see a moose around every bend in the road. We never got inside Yellowstone, but we saw plenty of decent moose bogs. Not a moose in sight.

My wife is running our stuff through the laundry right now. I'm helping her out by drinking a beer and watching the warmup to the Kentucky Derby.

Tomorrow it's a long drive to get home. It's been a relaxing weekend with no agenda. Most of my trips have scheduled things to do, but not this time. Next week will be crazy at work, but I might be ready for it.


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23 responses to “Meandering

  1. Ali Isaac

    Just love the way you help your wife out Craig… hope she appreciates you! 😀

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  2. Glad to hear you had a fun weekend. Interesting about the moose and the wolves. Think I remember hearing about the fires, but didn’t know the effect it had on the wildlife.


  3. I don’t know about where you are, but in New Hampshire ticks are literally sucking the life out of our moose. At least they did last year. Why they can’t spray is beyond me. Hopefully, the Fish & Game will do a better job of protecting these amazing animals this year. Time will tell.

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  4. All I can think of when I hear the word moose is Bullwinkle. I probably think about moose the way you think about alligators. The change of scenery (aka wallpaper) is nice.


  5. Sounds like a really excelent weekend get-away!


  6. I would love seeing buffalo and elk – must have been quite a sight!

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  7. An iPhone won’t protect you from a buffalo? I thought those phones did everything. How ’bout if you use the flashlight app and shine it in their eyes?

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