A few more clues are in order

I figured the antler arches are famous all over North America, if not the entire world. I'll show you a couple more images in a second. First I found this in one of those touristy “rubber tomahawk” shops last night and wanted to share it.

For those of you who read Will O' the Wisp, this is proof that silver foxes really exist. This one is, unfortunately, a taxidermy display. It will suffice to prove they are real.

This is one of the most photographed mountain ranges in the world. They have also served as scenery in many movies. Usually of the John Wayne or Clint Eastwood variety.

We saw quite a bit of wildlife. The antelope and buffalo weren't very cooperative for photography. These elk, on the other hand, were willing to stop for a few seconds.

Sorry for the iPhone quality to these. This was kind of an “off the cuff” trip, and I never professed to being a photographer.

If you'd like to wager a guess, or update your guess, as to where we are, I'll tell you if you're right in the comments.

Those of you who miss my regular postings, can get a taste by reading Will O' the Wisp until I get home.

I'll update when I can…Craig.


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18 responses to “A few more clues are in order

  1. Ali Isaac

    Omg how beautiful it is! Those are what I call MOUNTAINS! Gorgeous! Still no clue where you are, was always crap at geography. Your pics are fab btw, no apology needed.


  2. Where ever Silver Mountain Wyoming is you are there.


  3. I wish I didn’t read the comments because I was going to guess Wyoming. Where in Wyoming, however, I had no idea. Bravo, John Howell!

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  4. All I can guess is Yellowstone and hang my head in shame. Though I’ll admit that I read John’s answer and still wouldn’t have come close.


  5. WOW! Wyoming is quite stunning, isn’t it? And we need that fox photo for the back cover of the printed version of Will!


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