The doldrums

I'm going to have two weeks where I won't be doing much writerly stuff. Or, rather I will but it's for the paycheck job. This means professional documents, three stand up presentations, and possibly a video script. It's all pretty dry stuff and not nearly as interesting as fiction. One of my old articles also got picked up by another professional newsletter, which is kind of cool.

Still, I vowed not to discuss the paycheck job here, so I'll drop it. Suffice it to say fiction is much more fun to produce.

My guests went home at mid-day today. We had a nice dinner out at The Yardhouse, complete with good beer.

After everyone left, my wife went shopping because the cupboard was bare. I used the time to add a few paragraphs to a short story. I also worked up critiques for three of four group members. One fellow hasn't delivered his submission yet.

My time is getting tight. I have to make a presentation in Eastern Idaho, then my wife and I are going over to Jackson for the weekend. It's probably going to be ridiculously quiet over there. All winter sports are over and the National Parks aren't open yet. My group meets the following Monday and I hope the last submission shows up while I still have access to a printer.

The following week is a madhouse at work. I have a couple more presentations to make and it's going to be busy. I may have to sluff on a post or two. If anyone would like me to post something for you I might manage that. Got something to promote? Want to teach us all something new? Let me know.

Beyond that, I turned on my sprinkler system today. Three quarters of it works fine. I'll probably have to get a repairman out to replace a valve.

Boring stuff, I know. That's how life is though. We have responsibilities and writing time takes a back seat.



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12 responses to “The doldrums

  1. Good luck with the workload. Fingers crossed that you get back to fun writing soon. 🙂


  2. If I may ask, why do you feel you need to post every day? Was that the promise you made in your page or something? Just curious. I don’t know how you do it. I barely have time to post twice a week.


    • I always skip Tuesdays and Thursdays. I believe my blog has grown much slower than many out there. Many people gain 1000 followers in one year. I’m not even close after a year and a half. If I only posted once per week, I’d only have about 50 followers.


  3. Have fun! I’m working on a video script, too (well, several). Glasses raised to mutual progress.


  4. You always have so many house guests. I think in your next spare time, you need to carve a sign that says Hotel Boyack and hang it on your door… Because I’ll need it to find my way when I come to stay when the backyard peaches are in!

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