A happy day

I got another great five star review of Will O' the Wisp today. It seems like those who give this story a chance are really enjoying it. I really believe in this book, and am thrilled to hear when someone enjoys it.

I spent a large chunk of my morning writing. I have no idea how many words I wrote but it was thousands. Now that I'm past the middle, the words are flying once more.

All my characters left New Orleans and returned home. I manipulated everyone to a huge shootout at a local coffee shop. My heroine, the maguffin, the bad guy, the anti hero, even some supporting characters were there.

Someone got killed, someone got knocked cold, and a supporting character got his head torn completely off. (He's pouting about it now.) The maguffin changed hands for the last time.

I even did a spiffy job of getting rid of the body. Lots of story elements wove together in this section. I like it.

There are still some things for the characters to figure out. They have to use the maguffin to bring the larger problem to a close. Then I need a denouement that demonstrates each character moving on with life. I'll have to revisit my victim character as part of this. She has to show some kind of healing at the end.

Lisa the robot had to recharge herself. She got to play all the roles and move the furniture around. She's tired, but I could have kept going. I stopped so things wouldn't get silly.

Maybe you have to be a writer to get excited about this stuff.

Writing will come to a halt shortly. I have two weekends of other obligations ahead of me. I'm fine with that. Now that I'm racing toward the end, all pressure is off. I'll finish The Playground very soon. I may read through it in a month or so and make a few changes.

After that… Who knows? I won't start another novel for a while. I have some research to do, and some editing. I should probably do some more promotion for Will O' the Wisp.

I'm going to start outlining about six stories. Possibly this summer sometime. I need to see which ideas can hold up to a novel, and which ones might be better as short stories. I've never done this before, but it feels like a good idea.

So all in all, it was a good day. New words, big chapter, a plan to move forward, and a five star review. That's a good place to end my rotating day off. Back to the paycheck job tomorrow.


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26 responses to “A happy day

  1. Congrats on the review and progress. Hope the headless character stops complaining soon. As far as promoting your book, I’m always up for hosting a post about it if you want.


    • His boss agreed to sew his head back on after they get home. He’ll pout but get over it. He’s very dedicated to his mission. I may just put out a blog call in a few weeks for a bit of promotion. I haven’t done many interviews, and I have an excerpt left over. I ought to let my last tour settle for a bit. Don’t want to be a pest about it. I appreciate the offer and will probably take you up on it.


  2. Definitely a good day. Congrats on the review and the writing progress!


  3. That’s great all great news. He can’t pout if his head is ripped off. 😀


  4. Ali Isaac

    Sounds like you had a great day! Congrats on the great review, well deserved. I, on the other hand, got my first 1 star review on Bookvetter. It hurt like hell, although when the reviewer says things like ‘all the characters were assholes’, its hard to take them seriously. You’d expect something a bit better from another writer, wouldnt you?


  5. I’m with Charles on the “wait, what?” thought. Looking forward to The Playground, it sounds intriguing. Let me know if you need someone to read it pre-publication! 😉

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  6. Congrats on the review! You deserve it. And ha, your dark sense of humour in this post is a nice touch.

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  7. Woot! Congrats on the five star, Craig. That’s awesome news. Sharing everywhere to help spread the word.

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  8. Woo Hoo! I’m so glad to see your forward moving progress! I wish I could say the same. 😉


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