It’s Lab Week

Lab Week starts tomorrow at the hospital where my wife works. These folks blow away what gets called employee appreciation week where I work. They actually do fun things, and it feels somewhat appreciative. One day the doctors pitch in and have Goodwoods cater a lunch for the lab.

Someone took a close-up photo of everyone's nose. They are pinning them to a board, and there is a prize for whoever guesses them all correctly.

Another contest is to decorate a disposable lab coat. Old What's Her Face* brought home her coat while we have the grandkids. The oldest one is quite the little artist, and was told to do whatever she wanted with it. She created this artwork by free handing every bit of it.

This one is one of my favorite parts. I like the flask, and the green stuff hints at motion.

You get a shot at a crysanthemum and a syringe too.


This one is a sugar skull, along with the syringe.


As someone who can't draw a straight line with a ruler, I am impressed with this heartbeat and heart on the sleeve.


An animated cupcake. It's good, but this is what happens when you tell someone she can do anything she wants. It fits good on the front pocket though.


Another front pocket with a crysanthemum.

I may be just a proud grandpa, but I think she did a fabulous job on this. She works fast too. She spent about three hours on this. Maybe I ought to talk to her about my next book cover.

Did I mention she's only twelve years old? It all looks like tattoo art, but who cares. They all have to start somewhere, and some pretty unique authors started with fan fiction. Why should other kinds of artists be any different?

* Not my wife's legal name.




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42 responses to “It’s Lab Week

  1. SD Gates

    I love the artwork! And on a lab coat. This is brilliant!. Too bad all lab coats don’t look like this, maybe we wouldn’t have that “White Coat Effect”.

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  2. And proud you should be Gramps! What great talent and imagination! It’s Staff Appreciation Week for our office too. We’ll get a free lunch, a dessert bar another day and I think breakfast on still another day. Plus they’re going to show The Lego Movie on the mega screen in the big conference room one day. I don’t know who will have time to go watch a movie in the middle of a work day, but oh well. It’s the thought that counts isn’t it?

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  3. Sounds like a fun event. All businesses should have something like that. That’s awesome work on the lab coat. Great talent that will only grow.

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  4. That is AMAZING! I need to have her do one for me. 🙂


  5. Cool contest!
    No, you’re not showing bias — she really is talented! 😀


  6. Ooo, very creative. That’s definitely an artist in the family!


  7. Wow! I couldn’t draw that, even if I was staring at it while I drew.


  8. Wow! She’s fabulous! Defo an artist of the future!


  9. Wow Grandpa…he creativity is amazing! Maybe you can’t draw, but she certainly has your creative mind. I can draw and paint, but can’t get my imagination into the places this twelve year old did. Too cool!


  10. I love that! It’s dead cool. I hope the Mrs wins!


  11. WOW. Twelve years old — that’s impressive! Heck, it’s impressive for a thirty year old. I can’t draw like that and let’s say I’m… ahem… not thirty anymore, never mind twelve.


  12. Wonderful artwork! Grandpa must encourage her to keep with it. A prize in the contest for Grandma would help for sure. And such great imagination to go with it. Kudos to the kiddo! And I agree, her school should let her turn it in for a grade. Hope she sticks with it–she might be doing your book covers in a few years!


  13. WOW! She’s an amazing artist! I especially love the flask, skull and heartbeat. Did your wife win?


  14. Amazing artist you have. I’d so have her do a cover for one of the planned stories.

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