WordPress is kind of slow today

I watched for blogs to read today, but there weren't as many as most days. I wonder if everyone is writing except me.

Let's liven this place up tonight.

This is my goat. There are many like him, but this one is mine.

I learned about a “game” today. I'm not much for gaming, because they are addicting. I usually have something better to do. When a beauty like this comes out, I just can't resist. This one is called Goat Simulator.

You get to drive around a virtual goat and break crap. That's it, nothing more. I found a YouTube video of this during lunch. I laughed so hard I cried. It comes with missions like getting run over by a truck. The goat files through the air, and acts like roadkill until you tell him to get up. He also gets to lick things. You get more points for licking things, but the people don't seem to like it.

The video alone sells this thing, but getting him blown up in a construction site is pretty fun too.

I have plans to write tomorrow, but tonight I'm breaking crap with my virtual goat. Bet you wish you had a virtual goat. This would probably be even more fun with another beer. See you later.



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23 responses to “WordPress is kind of slow today

  1. I am strangely jealous.

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  2. I have a feeling my son (13) would love this!


  3. I’ve seen videos of that game. It’s oddly mesmerizing.


  4. I used to have a real goat.


  5. I gotta admit, I wouldn’t mind a virtual goat.

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  6. Darn. I lent my virtual goat out last year and never got him back. :/


  7. I used to own 5 Nubian goats. We named them Myrtle Mae, Minerva, Maxine, Muriel, and Maximilian. It was supposed to be a character-building experience for my children. It worked. All three of them grew up to be characters.


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