Trying for my Sunday post

We ground up the peach branches today. They dried well enough to go through the chipper without making a knot of green bark around the motor. The tree looks good, and is leafing out well. The flowers I are gone, and I wait to see how many peaches it will set.

I actually got to watch the Diamondbacks beat the Dodgers last night. The new rookie pitcher took out the top pitcher in the National league. It was awesome. I even got to see a Goldschmit home run.

This is a rare thing for me. Games are frequently blocked out and I can't watch them. Network television doesn't seem to think baseball exists beyond the Yankees or Red Sox.

Now I'm watching the Game of Thrones marathon on HBO. It's a nice warm up to the premier of the new season tonight. Can't wait to see what Tyrian Lannister is up to.

Is anyone else watching tonight?



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21 responses to “Trying for my Sunday post

  1. Nope. Have never gotten into it.


  2. A) I love baseball. I totally understand about the blackouts. The only games I get to see of my team (Orioles) is when they play the Skankees or Red Sox, and Blue Jays (because I live in Canada). B) GoT is awesome and can’t wait for the season to start next week. I read the books and am excited to see what they’ve done this season!


  3. GOT… yaaay! Cant wait! Starts tomorrow night for us!


  4. That’s weird with baseball. I know some places don’t show games when the state doesn’t have a team in the sport. Networks don’t think there’s an interest. I’ve only lived in NY and Florida, so don’t take my word on any of this.

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  5. Game of Thrones!
    Yes, I watched — so glad it’s back!
    I do get concerned watching shows that have not been completely written. I do. That goes for Outlander, too. Stresses me out if I think about it…
    Game of Thrones! 😛

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  6. Hey Craig. Nice to hear about the peach trees. I wish you much success. I haven’t blogged about it and I most likely won’t until I get back, but my dad died and I am off to GA for a while. Don’t think I’m ignoring you. I’ll be away from social media for at least a few days.


  7. Hello Craig! I’m glad your peach trees are doing well and that you were able to see the game. I love Game of Thrones but I’m stuck somewhere where there’s no HBO. Ahhh! I’m going to have some catching up to do.

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  8. And miss Once Upon a Time? HORRORS! 🙂

    Someday I have to get into Game of Thrones. I’m sure I’d like it!


  9. Did you finish Twilight Zone yet?


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