Suspense Techniques

One of the things I really enjoyed about Will O’ the Wisp was using suspense in the story. I’m over at Stefan Vucak’s blog today talking about some of the techniques. Check it out at this link.



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6 responses to “Suspense Techniques

  1. Gawd! I’m so behind on my blog reading but hope to remedy that today-ish.

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  2. Thanks for the tips! I especially like what you said about using dramatic irony to heighten suspense. This is harder to do when you’re writing a first person narrative. Stories with an existing mythos, such as (and I’m referencing this TV show a lot nowadays, since it’s so well executed) “Hannibal”, don’t need to invest much into setting the scene or backstory since the reader already knows all about it.

    I suppose with a first person narrative, a similar level of suspense can be achieved if the main character stumbles upon something clandestine, and also knows that another character is now in danger because s/he doesn’t know this clandestine thing.

    Excellent post.

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  3. That was some excellent advice you gave there, Mr. Boyack! 😀


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