I stayed up late last night and hacked out 2500 words on my novel. Old What's Her Face* went to the movies with our daughter-in-law. Something fast and furious. I was told since I hadn't seen the others, I didn't need to see this one. She loves me like that.

I freaked out for a couple of days over my live author event. I never did receive a link to help me find it. If it hadn't been for Marlena Hand tweeting the link I never would have found it. Thank you, Marlena. Even then, my iPad hated the site, and I could not log in.

The Mac was fine with it though. After I got logged in, it was pretty fun. It started off pretty demure with everyone saying “Hi” for fifteen minutes. After that it was great. There were a few quiet minutes, so I posted my own question or something to keep everyone talking. I would absolutely do it again. Best of all, it sold books. I think it was the most singularly productive stop on the entire blog tour.

These folks are all writers, and they all post reviews, so I'm pretty excited about the outcome.

Old What's Her Face went to some kind of workout camp while I chatted. She has a new sports bra. She couldn't get it on without it rolling up and I had to help her. That was pretty funny. Like I know anything about it??? Still, it gives me something to embarrass her over online, so there is that.

We're going to have date night tonight. She already told me I might have to help her take it off too. Cracks me up.

There is one more stop on this blog tour tomorrow. Thanks to everyone that checked it out. I really dig the comments, and appreciate all of you. Will O' the Wisp is off to a great start.

On a downer note one of my favorite bloggers shut down his blog. I'm going to miss Doobster a lot. I hope he's okay, because he didn't give a lot of information. People come and go, and I understand that. I wish him the best in whatever he does.

Short and sweet tonight. Some kind of beef and some kind of beer for me. Have a great night everyone.

*Entertaining Stories; protecting my wife's identity since 2013.



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15 responses to “Whew!

  1. I hope Doobster checks your comments because I do miss him and hope he is OK, too. Meanwhile, good luck with that sports bra. Those things can be kinda tricky…. 😉

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  2. Glad you were so productive 🙂

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  3. Very cool that the interview/chat went smoothly and got you some sales. Sorry I missed it. Think you’ll do it again?


  4. Glad your blog chat went well, once you got logged in.
    The sports bra thing–well, they are tricky. 😉
    Hope you have a great date night!


  5. Congratulations on the blog tour, be grateful that you don’t have to wear a sports bra! I am sad to see Doobster leave I also hope he is okay, we will miss him let’s hope he can return. Keep on blogging.

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  6. Your wife is lucky to have you! I bet you tell her that all the time, and I bet every time she thanks her lucky stars lol!

    I’m sorry I missed your party… how did that happen? I didnt know anything about it. Glad it wentvwell though. Would have liked to drop by and offer some support though…


  7. I am so loving The Playground! Glad you included the “creepy part” this time.

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  8. How cool about your on-line thingy! That’s awesome that it boosted book sales. 😀 So about your story… I just finished reading your wife’s blog, and she said she had to help you with a jock strap. Hmm… 😉


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