Will O’ the Wisp :: Book Review

Look what I just found. A wonderful review of Will O’ the Wisp by Mari Wells. Mari has one of the most interesting blogs out there. Come to read the review, stay because Mari is awesome.

Mari Wells

Will O’ the Wisp

YA Paranormal is my thing. Well, to be honest, you just have to say “paranormal” and you’ve got my attention. So when C. S. Boyack said just that…. “YA Paranormal” I was drooling and my fingers were tingling, and my eyes started this strange twitch from side to side, that’s reminiscent of watching someone read.

I waited as calmly as I could for him to send over his ARC of Will O’ the Wisp. I’ll be honest with that title I had all sorts of ideas in my mind of what the book would be. I know of all sorts of paranormal creatures that were dropped in the Wisp group.

I expected a teenage girl that has “issues” with her mom and maybe her dad too. That was there in some real new ways that are the same for every teenage girl. Patty has to wear…

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2 responses to “Will O’ the Wisp :: Book Review

  1. Oh, wow, she really rocked that review! How cool! 😀


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