Guest Post | How to Write Successfully in Multiple Genres by Craig Boyack

I’m guest posting over at Ali Isaac’s place tonight. The conversation is about writing in multiple genres. Come visit us.



Author Craig Boyack is very busy with his blog tour this week, (as you can see from the picture, he is busy celebrating!), but he takes time out to invite us into that weird and wacky place (his brain) where the ideas behind Will o’ the Wisp, The Cock of the South, and Arson (to name but a few) were born, and shows us how he manages to write so successfully in multiple genres. Take it away, Craig…

I write in multiple genres, and have been asked several times recently how I manage to pull it off every time. Whether I was successful or not is up to the reader to decide, but that’s the way the question was posed to me.

My stories are all within the area of science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy. My first secret is not to admit they are separate genres. They exist…

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4 responses to “Guest Post | How to Write Successfully in Multiple Genres by Craig Boyack

  1. I love how you “describe” the characters without describing the characters. In other words, no laundry list or looking in the mirror. I think you’ve got a couple of very interesting characters here, ones that peak my interest to want to know more.

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  2. I read it there last night and loved it! 🙂

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