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This stop on my blog tour it’s about the inspiration behind the story. Please consider visiting and supporting Shelley Wilson.

Thanks, Shelley, for hosting today. I hope your readers get a kick out of what inspires me.

Will O’ the Wisp is the newest release from C. S. Boyack. It involves a mildly handicapped girl facing a mysterious threat. The wisp has been killing off Patty Hall’s family for generations, and she’s next on the list. It is suitable for young adult readers.

 Author PhotoBook Cover

In most blog tours readers want to know what jarred the author’s imagination into writing a story. The fact is that inspiration comes from everything. I find inspiration in music, film, television, art, books, even random conversations.

It so happened that I was spending some time with my grandchildren. They wanted to watch a movie and chose Brave. Now Brave includes a Will O’ the Wisp in it. My movie ended there, and my imagination was off to the races. I’ll admit it was a fun film, but I kind of tuned out at that point.

I may have spent some time Googling…

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4 responses to “Blog Tour – Craig Boyack

  1. This book sounds more and more interesting with each stop. Really, really, good. Yup, it’s going on my TBR pile. Man, that thing’s getting enormous!


  2. I love this tour, Craig! 🙂

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