Tag, You’re It – With Excerpts From My New Book

Sue Coletta picks up the baton for the Work in Progress Blog Hop. Her stories sound wonderful.

Crime Fiction Writer Sue Coletta

Recently I’ve been tagged for two blog tours– one on Twitter from the awesome Chrispian Thurlborn and again by Craig Boyack, blogger and scribe extraordinaire. Chrispian has the patience of a saint because he tagged me in the middle of March to list the best characters in film/TV, then tagged me again a week later for the worse characters. But with my dog (and all the grueling work it requires daily to keep him alive) and trying to get at least some work done I’m just getting around to it now. Chrispian runs a great site called Wyldwood Books. Visit his best/worse characters list, then stay because he’s. . . well. . . a cool dude. 

The talented and sweet Diane Mannion aka Heather Burnside(her pen name) graciously nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I’ve placed the award on the Awards page (see menu), but…

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