Quick little update

I made absolutely zero new words on paper today. It was a golden opportunity squandered.

On the other hand, Chloe now has the last name of Chafin, because it sounds right. Chloe always was the result of a mixed marriage, and her parents are now Rob and Moriko. She’s a cute kid.

Reading her story, and only her story, today was a great exercise. I skip from leading character to leading character for sections. Chloe’s story flows pretty well. I will absolutely read Gina and Clovis seperately too as part of my second pass.

I need to decide how far down the rabbit hole to go regarding Chloe’s new therapy. Maybe it’s enough to let readers know it’s happening. Before I move on, I need one solo conversation with Chloe and the therapist. I have a line from the Playground doll that’s too good to pass up, and that convo is the setup.

My wife just rolled in with one of our granddaughters. She has to drop her off with her mom at the mall. It looks like grandma is shopping, and grandpa may get a beer at Old Chicago. I just have to get this post up before we leave.

I’ll take my phone to watch for comments.


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17 responses to “Quick little update

  1. Kentucky Angel

    Sounds like it will be interesting. Love the name Chloe. Also love Gina. I must, because that’s what I named my daughter. Good post.


  2. That is a good name combination for Chloe. Love the explanation for Clovis too. Enjoy the beer.

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  3. Have a beer for me Grandpa. I like the name Chloe too, it’s unusual enough to catch the eye/ear. 🙂


  4. SD Gates

    Is that the Old Chicago in Bolingbrook? I like Chloe Chafin, nice ring to it.


  5. Somehow, I knew your wife would end up at the mall sooner or later. 🙂


  6. Chloe Chafin– I like it! And you named Mommy and Daddy. I call that progress, even if words didn’t hit paper.


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