Progress, maybe…

The last couple of days didn't yield many results. I had errands and some work issues to deal with that kept me from doing very much writing. I'm on vacation, but sometimes duty calls.

Then there was the three hour power failure. This doesn't prevent writing on my iPad, but it prevents what I like to call – looking stuff up. When I research, I usually do a lot of it up front. I create a folder in my Safari browser and save websites. Then when I need them, they're a click away. Great idea until the router goes down.

I found out today my truck won't be ready until at least next Wednesday. That means my un-awesome rental will become my commuter vehicle. I'll probably have to burn more vacation time to exchange cars.

I received and exchanged critique samples with most of my group. I need to print out the submissions and mark them up. I'll probably do that in a couple of days once I get them all. This month I chose to send them several micro fictions. I busted the agreed upon word count last month, and this is my way of doing penance.

Last night, I stayed up late and hacked out a short story. It sucks, quite frankly. Drafts are wonderful things though. A draft can be repaired, but a blank page has nothing to offer. It's only at 1600 words, and should be over double that size. I'm thinking of it like an outline at this point.

Today I managed 1800 words on The Playground. That's not great, but it isn't horrible. I ended a section about some voodoo healing. (Okay hoodoo, but it reads better the other way.) I also sent my victim character to the hospital. Her parents are about to learn some of the things she's been doing.

Tomorrow I'll probably stick with my victim until the end of that section. If I'm feeling ambitious I might get back to my heroine.

If I add the writing up, I'm at 3400 words. That's fair isn't it? I think so. Can I add all my blog posts in too? Probably not.

I'm claiming some fair progress, but it wasn't one of those 5000 word days I sometimes get.

In other news, I sent off a guest post to one of my blogging friends. I think this one is going to be fun, and it's a swap, so there will be a visitor here soon. I'm still open for guests and visits, so if you have interest let me know.

My blog tour for Will O' the Wisp kicks off next week. I can still use a few sales and reviews, so feel free to visit the link in the sidebar. Maybe I should mention this is also free from the lending library and to Unlimited subscribers. The tour starts Monday, so feel free to reblog and comment. I'll be participating in the comments as much as possible.

Maybe I'll get more accomplished tomorrow, but I need a haircut too. Hmm.



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22 responses to “Progress, maybe…

  1. Sorry about the power outage. Been there. Did I volunteer for the blog tour? If not then can I?


  2. I didn’t get as much done today as I’d wanted, either. But tomorrow is another day…around the hair cut, anyway ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Dont be afraid to ask… you have a lot of blogger friends who’d be delighted to host you on a blog tour! I’m volunteering now for the next one!


  4. Power outages are so frustrating! That’s why I use Google docs. If the power goes out I can keep writing off-line. It’s a beautiful thing. But, like with anything else, there are problems with Google docs. They have a 50K word limit– one I push all the time– and then it starts going wonky. I’ve written whole novels (80-90K) on it and took my chances. Just remember to back up with Word. Learned that one the hard way. Just a thought. You seem to have a lot of outages like we do here.


  5. I think any progress is progress, so congrats on what you knocked out writing. I signed up for Camp NaNo which kicked off yesterday but didn’t write a single word. The day got away from me. Hopefully, I can make up the difference in the next few days. BTW, I do that Safari folder thing,too. I haven’t had to reference it yet during a power outage. Then again, we haven’t had one in a loooong time.


    • I can still write, but can’t access my reference data. I’m one of those who can’t just place a marker and return later. Drives me crazy. I did some editing work on short stories until the power came back on.


  6. Sorry you’ve had a rough time during your vacation.
    ‘Drafts are wonderful things though. A draft can be repaired, but a blank page has nothing to offer.’ โ€“โ€“loved that! ๐Ÿ˜€


  7. “A draft can be repaired, but a blank page has nothing to offer.” Words to live by. And I see I’m not the only one who likes it. Better rush out and copyright it!


  8. Nice going. Sounds like you got a lot done. You’re welcome to send over a post for my blog and I can expose you to my, literally, tens of fans, phnark.




  9. I can’t wait to see how your blog tour goes! How exciting! ๐Ÿ˜€


    • I had to write a bunch of stuff. There’s only so many thing you can say about one story. I hope it breaks something loose. I love this tale and would like to see it get some attention.


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