Playing, but breaking the rules

You guys have heard me discuss the Rave Reviews Book Club before. They’re having another blog recruiting day today. I’m playing along, but not entering the contest. I have two reasons for this.

First, I won the last contest. I think it’s important to let others play along. I’m pushing the club today, but not as part of the contest.

Second, I don’t like the theme. It’s officially called Celebrating Women. That sounds wonderful, but the emails I received said to note certain women to push as authors. Of course they want self published women, and members are even better. I love women, so don’t jump my shit here. My issue is some of my favorite authors are women, and some of them aren’t club members. Additionally, I think female authors outnumber us guys by about two to one. I don’t know that they need extra help.

Therefore; I want to concentrate on the value of this great club. RRBC has been very good to me. I was selected for a push Tuesday event some months ago. When I woke up my email had already exploded with notifications. Someone was pushing my book, Panama. It took me a minute or two to figure it all out, but the push was amazing. These people don’t just push for a day either. People were still tweeting about Panama a week later.

I did a rough count on how many followers some of the pushers had. It was a guesstimate, but I’ll wager I appeared in over a million timelines. There is certanly some overlap, but that’s a lot of exposure. I moved copies that week too.

Then I competed in the last blog recruiting day. This involves writing a post similar to this one, as part of a contest. People are invited to read all the posts and vote on the best one. I won the darned thing. My prize was an all expenses paid blog tour, some social media pushing, and a live Twubs chat.

This is real exposure that I wouldn’t have reached otherwise. It’s the reason I’m taking Will O’ the Wisp on a blog tour. I might add that Panama remains my most popular title to this day.

The members are also encouraged to buy one member title per quarter and post a review to Amazon. They are encouraged to post to other sites too, but Amazon is the most important one. We all know how hard it is to get reviews.

They also gave me a chance to host a few authors on their own blog tours, and this brings fresh blog traffic. Most of these people stuck with me, and I gained followers. I will happily renew my membership when the time comes, and you can bet I added Will O’ the Wisp to their catalog.

This is a link to read all the current competitors. It’s a good way to discover new writing blogs, and everyone is welcome to vote. They might give better insight to this great club.

The whole point is to gain members today. The membership fee is $25 US. That isn’t much for the kind of promotion they offer. They also published an anthology of short stories last year. I’m still kicking myself for not submitting something.

Here is my own membership push. I’ve been writing some micro fiction and short stories. My idea is to bundle them up as a book of short stories. We’re going to work on the honor system here. Click this link If you decide to join, please drop my name.

Drop me an email at Coldhand (dot) Boyack (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know you joined. I will send you a copy of one of my yet to be published micro fictions or short stories to say thanks. I do not maintain an email list, so you have no risk at my end.

Note: the official push day is the 26th, but I’ve already seen some posts go live. Since I’m not competing, I’ll post mine tonight too.


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13 responses to “Playing, but breaking the rules

  1. That almost makes me want to join just so I could read one of those short stories! 😉

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  2. Ali Isaac

    They sound great, and I will bear them in mind for the future. I think they require a lot of commitment, which I’m just too busy to give right now. Also, I think it would work better for me when my trilogy is complete. The $25 is a small fee which defo sounds worth it. If I join I will be sure to namedrop you!


  3. This does sound like a great resource, but I’m fearful of not having the time to meet the membership requirements. Like Ali, I will keep this in mind for the future, and namedrop you if I go ahead with it. There are so many resources out there to investigate, and so little time. I do find that referrals from other author/bloggers are usually the best sources, so glad to hear this has worked so well for you.

    BTW, I’m thinking of doing a short story bundle down the road, too. I’ve got a lot of old fantasy and magical realism shorts I need to do something with. That darn time thing, LOL!


  4. $25. for that kind of exposure is nothing. It’s well-worth twice that.

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  5. That’s so cool, Craig. You’re the only author I know who is in the RRBC, but it seems like a wonderful thing. If I can ever get all mine in order enough to publish, I’ll definitely have to study your footsteps. 🙂


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