A little slacking off

I didn’t get a whole lot accomplished today. I started my day reading your blogs. Imagine my excitement to see Karen O.’s wonderful review of Will O’ the Wisp. I reblogged it, then became a sloth.

I read some of my short stories and improved the prose a little. I exchanged emails with a few people who offered to interview me on their blogs. Some things we have to keep up with.

I also booked my Will O’ the Wisp blog tour. It will begin in early April sometime. That means I have a bit more proofreading to do on the upcoming posts.

I should have written. I also should have pruned the one remaining tree that needs it. I just vegged out. I watched a few old episodes of The Twilight Zone. I’ll finish with a beer while catching up with The Walking Dead, and may read a bit before bedtime.

I suppose I accomplished some things, but it was just one of those days. Go ahead and shame me with all your accomplishments in the comments. Some days I need to step away from it all. Did anyone do something fun today?


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30 responses to “A little slacking off

  1. Wow…that was busier than most of my work days πŸ˜‰

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  2. Ali Isaac

    No. Is the short answer. Chores and not much else. Hope we have a more productive week ahead. Although in terms of writing, monday and friday are already out…


  3. SD Gates

    Let me see, what did I do today? I did laundry, went to Target and Whole Foods, went to the Pet store, cleaned the saltwater tank, realigned the rocks in the turtle tank, did some more laundry, rested and read blogs and now I am cooking dinner. Going to watch Walking Dead as well, missed last week’s episode so have to catch up on that and then todays episode. Hope they kill lots of zombies, hope they do something, anything. And then back to the grind tomorrow to earn my honest crust as my dear old Dad says.


  4. You deserve a day off! I didn’t do too much–some chores around the house and a bit of test writing. My husband and I went out to a concert last night, something we don’t do too often. It was folk singer Tom Rush at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. That was fun–dinner there, too!


  5. Aww, dude – don’t feel bad. I wasted a good 2 hours this morning, and possibly as many this afternoon vegging out. Seriously. If I don’t get my butt up and moving, I’m going to start sending down roots into the lino. I have had such a case of the lazies lately. So at least you’re in good company… πŸ™‚


  6. Yes, I was productive. But not as productive as Saturday. Today, too. But tomorrow I aim to be leisurely πŸ™‚


  7. I can’t remember the last time I had time to do anything fun! 😦 But how is your Twilight Zone coming along?


    • You need to force the issue. You may need to email the music video from my other post to the lawyer. Then go beach combing or something. TZ is a work in progress. There are a lot of episodes.


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