Here’s your raven

I kicked ass at work this week. My office was so full of projects I couldn’t fit everything inside. I wound up shutting my door for a few hours each day and turned off my phone. I hate to do that to my staff, so I stayed available in the morning and afternoon. At the end of the week, my office was clear of old projects. Monday I have to move in the piles of other old projects, but I’m calling it a victory. Yay me!

I got my ass kicked at critique group last night. This always makes me whiny, but the guys are always right. That’s the purpose of critique group, to make me better. I had a short lived idea of maybe publishing my book tonight, but I needed to clean up a section. I chose this section for critique group, because I had some concerns.

Lisa* dropped off Doubt**, the raven, and let me be. It was hard going since I seperated the book into two versions. I knew right after I finished altering the international version that I would have to pay for it.

Doubt was his usual depressing presence. He taunted me and made me feel like a hack. I’m getting better at ignoring him, and forced myself to forge ahead.

The secret to critiques is not to follow blindly. I didn’t make every change the guys suggested. I look upon critiques more as guidelines than formal rules.

Every change I made required me to open the other version and make the same change. It’s much better now, but will never be perfect. I got over being perfect a long time ago, and that’s an important issue. If we keep working until it’s perfect, we will never publish anything.

I couldn’t have written Will O’ the Wisp three years ago. If I wrote it three years from now, it would be better. What’s an author to do, wait three years? What about three years after that? Not this guy. I’m getting this thing published this weekend one way or another.

The reports from my advance readers are more than encouraging. I’m excited about this book, and expect it to do well. It will have an error or two, but they all do. I know it’s a good story, and people are going to like it. Right now, I think it’s beer time.

* Lisa Burton is the main character in Wild Concept. She’s a robot girl who helps me around the writing cabin these days.

** Doubt is a raven. He was given to me by my Muse. I don’t know what she was thinking.



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11 responses to “Here’s your raven

  1. Good luck getting the book out this weekend.


  2. Damn that doubt! I just revisted some short stories i publish almost two years. ago now and cringed! I’m tidying the up. It does make me feel good though that my writing has improved! I’m sure willow the wisp will be brilliant. We can only write the best we can at that point. And by the way, how on earth did you get a donkey in your office 😉


    • I’m working on a Lisa Burton short story, and decided to revise WC at some time this year. It will be an eye opener, no doubt.

      On Monday my work load felt more like my office was inside the donkey.


  3. A favorite quote of mine is from Wil Wheaton: “The point isn’t to be perfect, but to get excited and create something!” Sounds like you’ve got that figured out.


  4. Oh, YAY! I can’t wait to read it again and see what changes were made. I already was in love with it. I wonder how soon is too soon to leave a review and not look fishy?


  5. Forgot a read this already. I love how you use Doubt, the raven, as your personal antagonist. Self-doubt often feels like being pecked at.


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