Running out of supplies

There is no joy in Mudville, or Boise for that matter. I’m fast running out of everything I stored from 2014.

About a week ago the last of my precious morels got used up on a hamburger. It was a good burger, but can’t happen again until about June.

Today the last of my peaches disappeared at lunchtime. I ate peaches until they ran out my ears, then I dehydrated a bunch for winter. I’ve been throwing them in a pinch at a time with my pumpkin seeds for lunch. I’m trying the seeds as a remedy for prostate issues (for those who stop in sporadically). Today, all my dried peaches are gone.

There are still a few medlars on the tree. This odd little relative of apples and pears needs to almost rot before you can eat it. The correct term is blet. I’ve tried a dozen methods to get them right, and leaving them on the tree seems to work best. When the stars line up, they are wonderful. The process is the exact same process that astringent persimmons have to go through before they are edible.

There is rain predicted. I wonder if there will be enough to bring out the oyster mushrooms along the Boise River.



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22 responses to “Running out of supplies

  1. You remind me of my grandmother and her stocking away the summer produce. She dried apples on aluminum siding and then bagged them in pillow cases. When winter was coming to a close, she would make circles of pastry and set the apples with sugar in the fridge until they were thick and syrupy. One spoonful in the center of each pastry circle and then deep fried. Delicious. The pantry, stocked with canned goods, would loose it’s color come about April, when all that was left was a few dozen mason jars waiting for next season’s harvest. The last sausages came down from the smokehouse about May. Then we would start all over again. 🙂


  2. Gee and I thought I was in desperate shape when my case of Cabernet was down to two bottles. Of course, I don’t stomp, ferment and bottle. I just go to the store.


  3. Hope you can find something soon. How do you dry the peaches? I see those in the store all the time and I’ve never really thought about how it’s done.


  4. My mouth is watering for peaches now! All stone fruits, really. I love them.


  5. moylomenterprises

    Sounds like a blast eating your own home grown produce. I’m trying to do an apartment greenhouse of sorts since it’s the one thing I miss the most moving from the country to the city — that and nice, clean beaches. Keep growing…good luck!


  6. It all sounds wonderful! It reminds me of this song:

    I’d love to learn more about foraging. It’s on my to do list!


  7. It is always so satisfying to enjoy the fruits of our labors, and fun to anticipate the earth’s new season and its offerings. Lovely post CS.


  8. I know you get overwhelmed with company at times, but like it or not, I’m coming to your house next peach season! ;P LOL!


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