Oh WordPress, what’s next?

I give WordPress credit for improving the comments bar. I still prefer the old idea where I could go to a page of nothing but comments, follows, likes, awards, etc. this new version at least gives me a filter to look at only comments. 

I have a new problem though, plus the return of an old problem. It’s probably an iOS issue, but it exists. If I want to like a comment, the icon registers and immediately unregisters my action. I have no idea whether my idea registered at the other end.

Whenever I respond to a comment, the wheel thingie just keeps spinning. It used to make one cycle and my reply was posted. Now, I have no idea. I have to visit that specific site and check comments to see if it worked. I always respond to comments, even if it’s just to like them. I’m embarrassed to think I might have missed someone.

The reboot issue has returned with a vengeance too. If I read a post, I have to log back in every single time to read the next one. Does WordPress have any idea how frustrating it is to go through 12 hours of posts like this?

WordPress is hell bent on changing things up. They aren’t going to be dissuaded by their users. I believe they owe it to us to make something that actually works. 

If you’ve commented, and I failed to respond in some fashion, I’m sorry. I attempt to respond to everyone. It makes me angry that WordPress is making me look bad. 

Get it together, WordPress. 


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33 responses to “Oh WordPress, what’s next?

  1. This was a temporary problem. A lot of us had it.


  2. yep, same here. I also really dislike the new stats page and always scroll right down to the bottom to click on the ‘old stats page.’


  3. Yes, with the spinning, did it post? bit! Good grief!
    I do not like the new stats page.


  4. It was doing the spinning to me yesterday. Seemed that the comment always went through, but then the notification menu locked up. So I had to keep refreshing the page. Hopefully it stops giving you a problem soon. I didn’t do anything to fix it, so the error is on their end. I have no idea how to make sense of the Stats page.


  5. So, I’m not the only one? It’s been going on all week for me Argh!


  6. I don’t get why they keep changing things that don’t need changing, and also releasing changes when they clearly haven’t been tested properly! I use WordPress from a combination of a Mac laptop, a PC desktop and my phone, and there are different glitches and issues on each one.


  7. So glad to know I’m not the only one having problems. I watched that damn wheel spin for what seemed like hours yesterday, only to get “Sorry. You cannot post a comment to that site.” (something to that effect.) I’ve posted comments hundreds of times there. Then, when I went to the site my comment was visible!
    And the like thingy… I press that four or five times before it takes. So frustrating!


  8. V

    I’m not a fan of the new comments/likes updater. Sometimes I might go missing for days, and the history only goes back so far. I too hate the thought of missing someone’s comment. I also find the new stats system a little frustrating and usually revert to the old style.


  9. WP ignores users’ comments and requests but has “Happiness Engineers” whose job it is to help us LIKE their glitches and “help” us overcome OUR problems. Sheesh.
    There is one piece of data that is NOT on the New Stats page that I rely on, which is my cumulative views (a running total since I started blogging, not just one year at a time). Why did they eliminate that? The rest seems fine, but why eliminate data?
    I haven’t had any problems with the interactions with readers (comments, follows, likes), YET, but there is a large delay for them to show up on the site and some do not appear for days even though I get emails about new Followers. Why is that?
    I use desktop PC, Chrome, Windows 8.1
    Best to you all and HUGS to my buddy, John Howell!


  10. I’ve experienced the click/unclick, but not just on WordPress. I suspect my mouse is worn from use, or the battery is low. When the wheel just spins, again not just on WordPress, I stop the load with the X icon and then refresh the window. If it appears the window has crashed, ie: nothing is responding, I’ll close that window and try again from the first link. Usually it goes through as normal.

    Hope this helps.

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  11. I second your thoughts… I am getting used to the new notifications and think that they work pretty well… Also have you seen the new emoticons…
    There are many… Such as :star. πŸ˜€ πŸ™„ πŸ’‘ 😎 πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ etc!
    all the best toy ou. Aquileana πŸ˜€


  12. Amen, brother! It’s been frustrating me since they changed it! GRR! 😦


  13. WP has been asking me to login lately. Never had to before. What’s happening?


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