Guest Post: C. S. Boyack

I’m appearing at Deborah Fredericks’ blog, Wyrmflight today. Since she focuses on dragons, I’m talking about the cockatrice from the Cock of the South. Check it out, and consider following this great blog.


Today I proudly present a guest blog by C. S. Boyack, author of The Cock of the South. Take it away, friend!


Gallicus the Cockatrice

C. S. Boyack

It’s an honor to appear on Deborah’s blog today. I always enjoy her research into dragons, and will try to keep the theme going. The only dragon I’ve ever written is a cockatrice named Gallicus.

The cockatrice is roughly a mashup of a rooster and a dragon. To steal that old line about the mullet haircut, he’s rooster in the front and dragon in the rear. My research led me through many gaming systems, some beautiful European statuary, and even a reference to the Bible.

It appears the basilisk and the cockatrice may have been the same creature at one time. Time marches on, and two distinct creatures enter our mythology. The similarity is their ability to turn people to stone.

Mythology indicates…

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3 responses to “Guest Post: C. S. Boyack

  1. Cockatrice sounds like a fascinating character!


  2. Ah, I see you revealed your secret! 😉 Great piece! 😀


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