Crime Writer’s Resource

Sue has built an incredible resource for crime writers. Remember, crime happens in paranormal and science fiction too.

Crime Fiction Writer Sue Coletta

Anyone who’s followed this blog for a while knows I never post twice in one day. Normally I post once or twice a week. However, I’m very excited to show you this fantastic resource I’ve compiled for you.

You might have noticed the new sidebar, where I’ve added links for crime writers. They aren’t solely for crime writers. Anyone who has murder in their plot will find them useful. In addition to the sidebar I’ve created a page where you can find all the links in one place. See the menu bar? Click on “Crime Writer’s Resource”.

Not yet! I’m going to give you a sample of what you’ll find there.


How many of you have struggled with what to do with your detective once he/she arrives at a crime scene?

There are specific steps he/she must take to ensure evidence is collected properly and the scene doesn’t get compromised…

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2 responses to “Crime Writer’s Resource

  1. Very cool! Thanks for sharing! 😀


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