Holy Cow!

I never imagined my post about my squishy parts would be so interesting. It quickly became my most popular post, and reblogged dozens of times. It even out scored my about me page. Thank you all.

“Public Service Announcement” currently has 146 likes, and 136 comments. This is miles ahead of my other posts.

My post generated 164 views the day of posting, and 207 overall views. The next day it was 288 for the post, and 294 for the blog. These numbers may not blow bigger bloggers away, but for a guy that regularly gets about 50 views per day it's phenomenal.

There were dozens of new followers too, which is awesome. The best part was someone who used my post to convince her husband to get his own checkup. It makes the whole thing worthwhile.

I had a fleeting thought about an email saying I got Fresh Pressed. I'm not disappointed, because that isn't what my blog is about. Still, it would have been cool.

Welcome to all my new friends. I hope you'll stick around, but I don't usually post about my parts. This is a writing blog, but I think it's a fun one.


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23 responses to “Holy Cow!

  1. It could still happen… Mine came a number of weeks after the actual post.


  2. I’ve never been FP. I wouldn’t mind so much if my ego was smaller than the quality of some of the posts that have been FP 😉
    I shared your squishy bit post on FB and it got 5 likes. I’m sure a lot more read it than liked it, as some people are shy about squishy bit discussions. No doubt you made a difference with that post!


  3. I came because of your “squishy parts”. I’ll stay for the writing.


  4. I agree, Craig. It is fun!


  5. Congrats! It was a worthy cause. 🙂


  6. V

    Deserves to be FP. You’ve probably heard this already, from many others, but I think it’s always very brave when someone talks about their own personal health issues, and tries to raise awareness. Especially if it’s not the normal order of business for the blog.

    As someone who has someone very dear to her who recently had “squishy part” issues, I wish you all of the best wishes, and all of the internet love. ;P


  7. You could still get “Freshly Pressed”. Dream a little longer; no harm in that. It was an excellent and important post. I think that’s why you got the attention you deserved. Congrats, Craig!


  8. Congrats you deserve all the traffic and the new followers, of which I am one! That was an important post ! Well done!!


  9. You were very brave to share all the intimate details about your man parts. I’m sure you probably saved more people than you may ever know, even if they don’t get around to needing an exam until years from now, but they remember your story. And my fingers are crossed for you to get Freshly Pressed! 😀 ❤


  10. I think those numbers are more impressive because it wasn’t Freshly Pressed. The only post of mine that’s gotten that kind of notice was the random poem I wrote that was. Don’t think it would have garnered that attention without the added boost.


  11. moi

    I’ve never been FP. I actually have no desire to be if I am honest, I suspect I know what would happen. However if you have a service you sell, or books people can buy then being FP could be a very good thing.

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